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Ferrite cores on cables
Theoretically I agree with goofyfoot.  I would never use them. Practically I agree with mike-in-nc.    Both of these reasons point to not using them in my opinion. Jerry  
Class A Tube integrated amp running 100% volume
I have several integrated tube amps and run them all at full volume.  Your report that you can hear the audible difference is exactly what is predicted.  Indeed, the volume control is an area where cost or design can result in compromises that har... 
Anyone Using Voodoo Infinity Digital Power Cables
10 AWG. check. I'm good with the Ice age audio for about 15% of the price. Note tellurium copper is stronger, machines better, but is a poorer conductor. Jerry  
Bel Canto E1-X Dac
Who is JA?    
Tube tester?
I'll add that you can get a lot of info about a tube from your amp, especially is it has manual bias adjust.  Not everything, but a lot. you have to understand the electronics though.   Jerry  
Will increasing speaker cable AWG make a difference in sound quality?
If a larger cable sounds different, that is because the smaller cable was not letting everything get through.  I always laugh when someone tries to say a smaller cable is better in their system....that's saying they are like the truncated sound be... 
Genelex Gold Lion KT 88 “burn circles”?
Post a photo if you can.  If you use google photos a link works well. Example:      
Will increasing speaker cable AWG make a difference in sound quality?
generally yes. Large wire size is required for the high current that flows for small fractions of a second during dynamic changes or big bass notes. a mellow song will sound the same with both but, just like in power cables, there are dynamic time... 
Tube tester?
Not worth getting a tube tester for the purpose you describe unless you have a lot of time, money and patience or are just bored. I have one, but I’m a nerd. Numbers are specific to each tube tester so to know what they mean you have to know what... 
Streamers made in America?
@kennyc  me too.  it was junk.      
Will a Chord Hugo 2 make a music streamer addition obsolete?
Good plan.  Hugo is a good DAC.  Good choice. You can of course use your PC until you get money/time/research done to buy a streamer. Jerry  
Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
Find another electrician.   I recently installed a bunch of 15 amp outlets with 10 awg solid wire.   Your electrician apparently wants to use the back stabs which are a poor contact.   do not let him use back stabs period.  all connections to ou... 
Will a Chord Hugo 2 make a music streamer addition obsolete?
Hugo isn't a streamer.  You still need a streamer and a computer as a streamer sucks. So I don't understand your question. Jerry  
@testpilot what do you do with the extra?  coil it up?  that makes a noise generator.  I like cables to be just the right length.   I do think some salespeople like to sell longer cables but don't think they have any good technical reason. Jerry