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Atma-Sphere vs. Supratek
300B for Canary Grand reference
Good post @sns   
noise distortion for certain tracks
Assuming that isn't just how the recording sounds, then are you describing a vibration?  Is the vocalist hitting a resonant frequency of something loose in/on your speaker?  
$100K system build - % breakdown of spend
I'd be disappointed if I couldn't put together a $100k system without subs. I'd set a lot more aside for the DAC, perhaps the most expensive component in a modern system.  My system is much less than $100k but the DAC retails for $13K.   I'd pro... 
Experiencing speaker imbalance, while amp headphone output is fine. Any ideas?
Tubes are a consumable.  If that doesn't set well with you, solid state was invented for guys like that.    
Help With A New DAC/Streamer
separate your streamer and dac.  It is hard enough to find the one you like in each category without having to find them joined.   Since you don't like the interface on Aurender, you should look at Roon.  You can install it on any PC for free for... 
Why terminate speaker wire?
If an engineer cannot design a better connection than wrapping a wire around a post, he must be an electrical engineer.  fire him and get a mechanical engineer to work that job.  You have a point that adding connections can introduce degradation ... 
Burn in period
things that get hot, especially things that glow, will change with use, thus burn in. Materials do not change appreciably at room temperature or with the relatively tiny currents put through them by generating music. If a manufacturer is designin... 
How Do I Stream Netflix Audio On A Smart TV To My AV Receiver
For netflix I use a Roku streaming device to feed my AV receiver and send the output from the receiver to the TV. The "smart TV" becomes just a monitor.  
Would appreciate a group consensus on Agon purchased amps
Note to self.  Never sell on audiogon.