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What speakers work with low wattage class A amps
OMG Moment
Not sure what your wife offers for a 2 day detail job but she's going to have to work to make you happier than Sabrina has.    
Hooking up two preamps to one power amp
I'm having a custom amp made with multiple inputs.  Don't know why that isn't normal.   HT bypass is a bypass on a preamp to go straight to the amp.  If you have HT bypass on one preamp, then hook the other preamp into that input. Jerry  
Selling on Audiogon
I have tinnitus.  I ignore it.  takes willpower but can be done.  
Startup time for Innuos Zen Mk 3 after updates
Sounds reasonable but if it doesn't resolve, power down and restart.  One update may be hung up.  I remember installing a lot of updates on mine.  I think I have it set up to manually update now.  I guess I should check that.   Mine is Zenith but ... 
Casual listening
I consider the casual listening, like I'm doing now as I type, at an optimal volume, which is lower than you ever hear at an audio show, that I am indeed pursuing my audiophile goal.   Jerry  
PayPal problems
Seller may have an unrelated issue with paypal.  Last thing you could try is to ask them to cancel the transaction give you the money back.  They probably won't but if they do, now that you have the merchandise you could send him the money any of... 
Solid copper or stranded copper for speaker cables? What is your choice and why?
Stranded.  Because sold 10 awg wires are not flexible.  Jerry  
Power cords known to produce good bass
The amp and the speaker produce good bass. Power cords don’t add anything. A bad power cord can take away. use a good power cord and your amp will produce all the bass it can. once you have a good power cord fully enabling your amp, then chang... 
Want to go fiber optic into an Etherregen, could use some advice
What do you think you'll gain by going fiber optic?  How long is your run?  Jerry  
Help needed to sort out an annoying crackling/static issue with streamer
Wireless is always much inferior sound quality to wired.  
Matching Power and Speakers -- Much Ado about Not-that-Much? (Tube amps and speakers)
There is a caveat here.  Originally, the magic of tube amps was produced by SETs that made up to about 6 wpc.  Thus, the need for moderately sensitive speakers, say 94 dB and up.   Then people who had already invested lots in less sensitive speak... 
230V amplifier for use in the US
I'm using a 240V amplifier powered by a 240V outlet.   I experimented with step down transformers and while they worked fine, they have the following drawbacks/considerations:  1.  they can hum. 2.  The are not efficient.  You may lose 10-20%. ... 
Does Hearing Loss Disqualify Me from Audiophiledom?
@gruvjet My speakers are very flat and hearing aids generally try to get your flat. they only go up to 10k hz, alas above 10k hz isn't the realm of people much beyond 50.  Hearing aids in my experience have to be programmed by the professional, yo... 
Is a FLAT response the IDEAL?
Flat means that the system reproduces what the musician recorded exactly.  That is my goal.  not everyone's goal.  for example, rap and hip hop systems generally greatly exaggerate the bass. Jerry