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In-wall cable
Any reason you are looking at stranded wire instead of solid copper?  I believe Romex 10/2 (2 wire + ground) is the standard choice in this situation?  Will handle up to 20 amps.    
Turntable prices. Is my mind going?
@ptss  Happy Easter  
Kind of Blue
I'm surprised how few mentions of Joe Henderson there are.  He's always been a favourite of mine.  State Of The Tenor is a must have for any jazz fan.  And the  subtle treatment he adds to Idle Moments by Grant Green.      
@thedoc2004   List  on AudioMart where it is free.  I have sold every item I have ever listed on that site.  Why pay any fees when there is a site dedicated to Audio equipment.  Ebay may give you exposure, but AudioMart gives you exposure to the r... 
Example of a piece o’ crap, useless review
There are lots of people out there that do not have the in depth knowledge of an  "audiophile".  Is it possible you are not the target market for this review, and most others?   The type of review you are looking for might be over the head of the ... 
Kind of Blue
+1 for In A Silent Way.    
Movie Soundtracks
@curiousjim  Just looked at 3 copies for sale 5 min ago.  All Barbarian.  Cheers.  
Movie Soundtracks
@curiousjim  Just go to Discogs.  No shortage of available options.    
Audio Racks, Just How beneficial? looking for guidance in upgrading
"Do you find that applying a percentage of your total system’s value of perhaps 5% or even 10% is a good metric?" I'm going to go off the reservation a bit and say it makes me crazy when I read someone stating we should allocate a percentage of o... 
Component contributions to “sound stage”
I have a CD that is produced specifically to test the placement of your speakers.  Sorry I can't give you the name as I'm not at home for a couple months.  This recording consists of a dozen tracks with explanations of what instruments you are hea... 
Component contributions to “sound stage”
Now I am only going by the numerous posts that have made this claim, but it would appear it's the power cable attached to your conditioner or amp.  🤣  
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
I could never buy Tekton speakers purely on aesthetics.  They could be the greatest sounding speaker in the world, at the best price and I still couldn't bring myself to look at them every day.  True I do have my eyes closed most of the time I'm l... 
Are You a Swifty?
I respect anyone who can achieve what she has done.  Having said that, there is nothing about her music that "speaks" to me.  Cue up some Joni.  
Rega P10 with Apheta 3
@signaforce   Tell your wife about the $20,000 TT you would like.  Suddenly you're being soooo reasonable buying the P10.  🤣   I own the P8 with the Apheta-3 cartridge and love it.  You won't be stretching the truth when you explain that missing t... 
At what point do you...
@ellajeanelle   I see your point but commence sense prevails.  I don't buy Mustangs from motor-heads, rather Mercedes from retirees.  You can never be 100% protected but neither does buying anything new guarantee there won't be a defect.  I'm goin...