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Unintended PC Comparison
@soix    https://www.amazon.ca/Audiophile-AC-Power-Cable-WAudio/dp/B07F6J5PV8    
They're called "sales" men for a reason. 🤣  
When was the last time when serious new instrument was invented ?
To answer the OP's question,  if you discount synthesizers and other electronic devices, I would have to say it was the saxophone, invented by the Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax in the early 1840s and was patented on 28 June 1846. A very ser... 
Jazz Hands
@judsauce  "Go pound sand"? Who pissed in your cereal?  I thought my original post was fair.  I complimented the album Heads.  Your reaction to others who find Bob James a little too melliw is simply over the top.   IMHO.  Everyone knows he wrote ... 
Jazz Hands
Well he's no Oscar Peterson but few are.     
Jazz Hands
I own several LPs by Bob James and many more discs where he has contributed keyboard work.  I have always found his playing to be very laid-back and often left me wanting more excitement (for lack of a better term) in his playing.  Of his recordin... 
Great song by the Clash
Well, if it's songs about doing wrong, and the consequences, I'm rather partial to J.R.    
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
Look for demo or 1 - 2 year old amps.  You will bring those more expensive models into your budget.   The "new car smell" is not worth paying 60% - 100% more than used.  IMHO.    
Listening Room
@acman3  What makes you think that isn't happening now? 🤣  
Listening Room
It's a journey.  The final destination should have a dedicated listening room.  IMHO.    
ADD or Audiophile?
Whenever possible, I like to just close my eyes and listen.  I find having my eyes closed helps to widen my perception of the soundscape.  Having said that, the human mind likes to wander and really, we aren't in control of where it goes for the m... 
How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
https://www.amazon.ca/eMagTech-Turntable-Cleaning-Gramophone-Cartridge/dp/B0CRYN4GBY   One of many on the market.  Easy and effective.  IMHO, using a record brush is a no no.  Why do anything that could push surface contamination down into ... 
Surge protector
@erik_squires   Yes.  As I read further, it appears that nothing gives protection in the event of an actual lightning strike.  Storms in the area are best handled by unplugging your system.  Cheers.  
Surge protector
I see a lot of recommendations for whole house surge protectors, but most of the talk is directed at the Type 2 unit that is easily installed at the panel.  My understanding is these units give you protection against a surge generated within the h... 
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
Zappa - Freak Out (mind you I was in grade 7) Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways (at his age?) Joe Henderson - State of The Tenor vol 1 Abbey Road Sticky Fingers Chet Baker, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, and Philip Catherine - Crystal Bells