Zavfino Fusion versus Cardas Clear/Refection: anyone compare?

Anyone compare these 2 interconnects?

Experimenting in a Pass system with Joseph Audio speakers.

I know Jeff Joseph uses Cardas; have not tried them myself yet.



2021 A'gon thread here:

Quote: @sdl4 "Because my early listening favored the sound of the Fusion over the Arcadia, I spent more time with the Fusion and made direct comparisons with my reference XLR, the Cardas Clear Reflection. In comparison to the Cardas CR, the Fusion doesn't sound as full-bodied or rich". 



@jasonbourne52 Have you heard them or have you decided it's easy for some other reason? What is that reason, if so?

It's fine to read, but it's listening that really counts! Only then will you know if it's baloney.

@hilde45 : do not mind Jason Bourne. He has a very bad habit (or hobby) of being the first poster in any and all cable threads. He pollutes them all, and the first poster, first reply. Always. Very odd behavior for someone that is not interest in experimenting with cables (and any audio gear for that matter).


I have said this before. I could literally copy / paste this reply multiple times, as he never misses.

@thyname  He's adopted quite the brave and masculine moniker -- Jason Bourne -- but when you ask him to back up his claims with evidence, it suggests a better moniker -- Milhouse Van Houten.


These are completely different price levels:


Zavfino Fusion is $357 for 1.5 meter pair


Cardas Clear Reflection is $1,550 for 1.5 meter pair


Five times the Zavfino price.


Just a simple observation 

Yes I recognize the price difference.

So far I've not been able to.reliably determine why some cables cost much more.  I'm interested in Cardas due to Jeff Joseph.  I have some experience with Zavfino, quite positive so far ...


Zavfino is a BIG bang for the buck. The only Cardas product I've compared it to is the Clear Cygnus interconnect 1.5/M RCA and I have the Fusion 1.5/M RCA.

For the money and good sound, the Fusion is hard to beat. Unfortunately, you really have to listen to your own system and decide for yourself.

Hey Bourne ...take some time to read before you text. Take a moment and read about George Cardas and his background on the transmission of electrical signals. Also, so much for your baloney comment as some of his designs in this field carry patents on them. Still consider them baloney after a patent has been issued...…?

Watch the video of what he does with guitars, internals, pickups, golden ratio.. the tone, overtones, timbre is so much more engaging than the same guitar in its stock form. We get a small sample of that with some of his better cable designs.