Would you still pay $10k or more for a turntable not full analog front end these days ?

Or you would rather pay that for a streamer ?



When a $10k streamer closes the involvement gap with vinyl I will buy one.

@wlutke It does.  There are several people here who now say their streaming setup is the equivalent of their expensive and accomplished vinyl rigs.  Talk to @ghdprentice for one.  And @mikhailark if you think a $1k - $2k streamer is even in the same ballpark as the better streamers from Aurender, Innuos, Grimm, etc. you’re deluding yourself.

If I had to choose only 1, analog for superior sonics.  But I’d refuse to choose because I want and have both.  Tie between turntable excellent sonics and streaming convenience including discovering new music via Roon, Tidal/Qobuz.

Spent considerable effort to get the best price/performance with limited budget. Used VPI Avenger, used Grail SB, used Linn DSM/2 w Organik DAC upgrade (streamer DAC, sonic bargain). 

This is like that old joke about bacon and eggs- the chicken is involved, the pig is committed.

I’m "committed" to the LP format since 1970 or so. Which means I have a fair amount of records. Yes, more work, and if I were starting out today, I’d seriously question going down the rabbit hole. Aside from the gear, you’d have to look at the cost of the source material. Older pressings are great, but grading and price inflation make it expensive. One of the reasons I’ve shied away from tape- it isn’t the cost of the machine, it’s sourcing the tapes. Some new LPs are terrific and don’t cost a fortune-- e.g., the Tone Poets label. There are others.

I experimented with streaming without going all out- I was surprised at how good it sounded using Qobuz, but the catalog was more mainstream, not so deep on more obscure jazz.

Digital for me.

As time goes by, it will equal and best vinyl as technology proceeds.

BTW,  how many rolls of film have you processed recently?


I would not purchase my $45K analog end (or lessor) today. I am now down to using it once every couple of weeks. I will bring it out if I have visitor to show there is no meaningful or consistent better sound quality with it than my streamer.