Why are my posts being removed.

Why are you deleting my posts??



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Why not keeping it. OP is asking a legit question. According to his history of posting, there's nothing he had done any wrong to anyone... 

The note of admin doesn't seem to be relevant simply because you can remove your own posts.


It was deleted because you flagged it.

So a moderator took that you wanted it removed.



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So you think that angry moderators would steal your money? That's strange even for you.

This site does not have solid development crew and is often crippled with bugs and mis-functionality. I posted such bashings too many times and it's indeed truth so I never connected here with anything linking to my assets or credits.

Listing fees I've always paid with prepaid card only available at walmart or many other department stores.


I've been posting on this site for 14 years never had anything deleted until today a bunch of stuff got removed.

My original subject was, after a long absence, I ended up in the forums and couldn't remember how to find the for sale part of the site. I criticized the layout of the site and it got deleted.

I saw what was deleted three times here only the word " because ".




What's up with this moderator???

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