What tracks really make your system shine?

While Patricia Barber is excellent on my system, the tracks that really make my system shine are tracks 1-5 on the Book of Roses CD from Andreas Vollenweider. How about yours?
Track from NYJG self-titled album on CD(New York Jazz Guerilla project) "Another Kind of Blue" followed by few more remixes;
Torsten De Winkle "Nocturn" recorded live with no signal compression.
Track Tabu from Guesch Patti "Blonde" album on CD
Track "Shine" from Ry Cooder Jazz on German made vinyl;
Track Sunday from Irmin Schmidt "Impossible Holidays";
Heifez Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D on Columbia vinyl first issue mono...
There are sooo many tracks and albums that make my system shine, it's impossible to list for weeks of listing and listing after all. All types of music is reproduced accurate and clear.
Katrina and the Waves, Lp, "Waves", side one, track 4 " Lovely Lindsey"! it's a rocker. The rhythm section kicks ass! Also, add Samuel Barber's "Adagio for String" it is a very erotic piece. The the Telarc recordings is best. These are the tracks I play my Audiophile buds
My selections are for the most part, relatively deep tracks that I have enjoyed through the years.

"High Falls" Allman Brothers- Win Loose, or Draw
One of Dickie's best solos.

"We Belong Together" Rickie Lee Jones

"Riviera Paradise" Stevie Ray Vaughan from Sacred Sources: Live Forever vol. 1. This last cd is a live compilation Carlos Santana released in 1993 from his personal bootleg collection. It includes cuts from Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Hendrix and SRV. The quality of the live recordings, particularly the SRV cut, are exceptional. You can pick up used copies on amazon for $5. Unfortunately, no vinyl.
The ones that require power and majesty that you need to feel as well as hear to appreciate.

ALso tracks that would result in ear bleed in most cases otherwise.

It does quite well with the rest as well.

I feel we can all support Pink Floyd 'The Wall' or 'Dark Side of the Moon". These discs are outstanding for classic Rock music. (2) other modern Rock mentions are Pearl Jam 'Ten" and Nirvana 'Unplugged in NY'.

My reference disc above these wonderful Rockers, is Jamie Cullum 'Twentysomething' on CD/SACD Verve 2004.
My fave track- "Frontin" simply killer...
Happy Listening!
The usual suspects usually do the trick, but here are two interesting outliers:

One is the title track from Alejandro Escovedo's "With These Hands". IMO Escovedo is absolutely brilliant, but the SQ on his records is usually mediocre. "Hands" is typical, it's fine when it's just AE and his acoustic, but gets muddy when the band kicks in. However, the title track has a bunch of percussion instruments providing a great rythmic momentum. My system, with Ohm omnidirectional speakers and dual subs makes silk from this sow's ear.

The other is "Show You How" from Lindsey Buckingham's "Under The Skin". The SQ will drive many people here nuts, processed to within an inch of its life and unnatural in every way. However, this track features massed vocals that are pan potted thru the sound stage. It resembles nothing heard in real life, but it's a fun "parlor trick" for showing off the system's imaging capabilities and the way that omnis can put "flesh" on a image floated in space.
A few years back an agoner sent me a copy of Metallica death magnetic as a test. This is a highly compressed and processed recording meant to be played loud. It sounds clean crisp and powerful with no ear bleed on my setup off the big ohms. The ohms are the best at just letting the music play imho in the right setup and with the right amplification. The bel canto class d amps I use are amazing with the ohms in particular.

Metallicas s&m is a very good recording that combines metal and symphony orchestra live. You gotta hear it on my big ohms to believe it.
The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night (the much-maligned stereo re-master) The impact of the first chord of AHDN, the claves and nylon string guitar on And I Love Her, and the occasional Rickenbacker 12-string guitar throughout the album
Abbey Road re-master. Pick a track

Giuliano Carmignola w/Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca, Le Humane Passione (Vivaldi) any track, but esp. those with harpsichord and lute together.

Joan Baez, Diamonds and Rust: I Dream of Jeannie/Danny Boy medley. A good system makes her voice, well...sing

Linda Ronstadt: Long, Long Time. The voice, the guitar, the harpsichord, the strings all shine so sweetly.

Aaron Neville: Save the Last Dance For Me (from A Tribute to Doc Pomus) His voice, the strings, the peculiar low hand drum played on the fourth beat through most of the song

Stevie Wonder: You Are the Sunshine of my Life. Various vocalists in the beginning, the hand percussion and the cymbals--all satisfyingly life-life.

Patsy Cline: Sweet Dreams. Listen for the barely perceptible vibraphone behind the downwardly spiraling strings on the intro, and then there's that voice and the arrangement, unbelievably well-recorded for its time
My go to track is Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tin Pan Alley, from the Analogue Productions re-release of the Couldn't Stand the Weather album as part of the new vinly box set. It's incredibly well done and also a great song.
Don't laugh, okay?

Dean Martin's album "Dream with Dean." Its like looking down Dean Martin's throat.
BahaaK! Don't make fun until you hear it. *lol*

If you're interested, here's a copy presently for sale on Ebay.


I also noticed that its been reissued on 180 gram.

Take care.
I have essential dean Martin cd. I like dean and the sound quality of his old recordings happens to be quite good as are many full analog recordings from those days.
i can't help thinking about the "sopranos" episode where tony blasts dean martin from a boat to torture a property owner...