What caused double posts of same discussion

Why so many discussion posted twice?


@noromance  We should have this fixed next week. The problem has been assigned to a developer.   

There is also no, “I’m not a robot” box anymore.

Seems now it only appear when you want to start a discussion.

they're not just doubling. some "clean and valid" posts are just disappearing altogether. and no "post removed" banner. this site has issues.

There is definitely a glitch in the machine. Most posts are doubling for some reason…

My posts are only showing up once.


What do I have to do to make them show up twice?


I just want to fit in.



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I don"t think that is the case, when I post this discussion, I saw two identical posts.


I go to "My Profile" and click on "Discussions started" to delete the duplicated one.

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Because people don’t wait for the system or moderators to post their message!