what are the best sounding Accuphase or Luxman amps/preamps?

What are the best sounding Accuphase or Luxman amps/preamps (ie separates) that you have heard and would recommend?


I was going to say the "most expensive ones" but  @yingtonggao said it first. I would think that these companies don't screw up the pricing.

Yet, the F40 was faster than the F50, so anything can happen....

Most Expensive, Nonsense,

Are you only considering Solid State, or Tube Models?

Tubes, the better question is, what tubes sound great 'to you' because it's not better, rather 'preferred'.

My Luxman 10 wpc tube amp is terrific for efficient speakers in a small space. It would be nearly criminal to put a more powerful/more expensive/most expensive amp in here. 

The object was to be able to use tubes in my office, low power to minimize heat, size, increase placement options, and lower cost compared to more powerful category. Achieved!

here it is now


Never heard an Accuphase except in a showroom.

I prefer SS - class A.  I am considering the Accuphase A-48 amp which is rated at 45W at 8 ohms, 90 at 4 ohms, 180 at 2 ohms and 360W at 1 ohm.  It has a high damping factor of 800.  It is their smallest current production separate amp, but it is not small!

My speakers are efficient at 93dB and they have a minimum impedance of 3 ohms, so the A-48 should be a good match.


I would take C-2450 + A48 over any Luxman offerings. I own E-650 due to space restrictions, otherwise I would switch to Accuphase separates in a heartbeat. 

Accuphase is a small company from Japan 

And match pairs every part . My uncle is a Electronics engineer 

For over 40 years and has been to luxman as well 

Both are quality products  ,Accuphase is just a level higher 

But also more $$. I have owned both 

Actually listened in depth to the latest line 

Very beautiful with bigger meters for sure too 

Better quality build,parts quality then Mcintosh also.

All accuphase are great, even so called (Laugh) entry level. If entry level is 7k to u....they don’t f around. If someone was to give u the e280 for free, I don't think anyone would say no.

I have an E-260 in a secondary system driving Harbeth speakers and it is a wonderful integrated amp.  It definitely punches above 'entry level'.

I am leaning towards an A-48 amp for my main system to replace a Luxman L-595A class A integrated amp.

I own the M10X amp. I also have an Audio Research Ref 5 SE tube preamp. This is a killer match for anybody. I’m pushing the Revel Studio 2 speakers. I believe they are like 86 db. I love a tube preamp with the SS amp. The Ref 5SE is killer especially when you upgrade the 6550 tube to NOS Tungsol or Svetlana winged “C”. I did try the Luxman C900 preamp. I did not like it as much as the AR preamp. Another option is the 509z integrated. I say this because Luxman is pretty versatile. You can use the 507/509 Z as an integrated/ preamp/ or an amp. So later you can add say the Luxman C1000 and have the best of all worlds. The M10X amp is pretty versatile too because it has both XLR and RCA inputs. I know well duh! They can both be hooked up and switchable on the fly. So you can have your digital on one without a preamp and your preamp or analog on another. My goal is an RCA tube preamp with phono. That goes into the RCA input and digital goes into XLR. Or maybe you use your amp and speakers for Home Theater or TV. Now you’re not burning your tubes to watch a movie or TV. Looks s of options. You are comparing two very different sounding brands. If your speakers are not 90+ db I would go Luxman. My dream is a CAT Preamp with phono for analog running RCA which is 16 feet away from the amp on the Turntable rack. Then using My Ref 5SE as the digital side running XLR. Much later would be CAT JL7 amps. So I can really hear perfection. That is way down the road. This is my experience. Hopefully this helped. 

Many thanks - the M-10x looks like an amazing unit but likely overkill for my 93 dB speakers.  I am leaning towards an Accuphase A-48 class A amp that is 45W into 8 ohms but doubles down all the way down to 1 ohm with a high damping factor 800.

I think that’s a great choice since you can push your speakers. Plus, Class A is awesome! 

One of the best amps I have ever heard is the Luxman MQ-300, beats any Accuphase (I own the Accu E-650). In SS, I like Accu better than Lux, but Lux tube amps really kick butt (the LX-380 tube integrated might be as good or better as my E-650 at half the price).

I am hoping that Accuphase separates will be a little better than their integrated amps...

I have had about five years experience listening with a Accuphase A-75 paired with a C-3850.. before that I was a ASR Emitter II user...

Accuphsse is so good paired with the right speakers...I am a loyal customer for however many years I have left.. end of story

I currently have the Accuphase C260 Control Amp paired with the Class A- Accuphase A 20 y Amp. as my solid state option and could not be happier. The way I  would describe the sound is musical, I can listen for hours without fatigue, wonderful soulful mids and laid back highs with just the right punch in the base. I don't think you would be dissatisfied with any of the Accuphase offerings. I listen at moderate levels and never exceeded 25% volume level for a medium sized room and 87 db sensitivity speakers, (Wilson Benesch Square 2, 2 REL Subs).

Thx for the good news about the sound of Accuphase amps.  

I am in the process of purchasing Accuphase separates - a C-2450 preamp + A-48 amp.

I had that exact same Accuphase setup you are purchasing.  It was good but not end game and sold it.  

@sutts - sorry to hear that you sold them, but I'm enjoying mine.  There are so many factors between systems including speaker matching with the amp, sources, room, power etc.

The Accuphase C-2450 + A48 preamp/amp combo are a noticeable improvement over the hugely capable Luxman L-595A integrated amp (also class A).

The A-48 is the entry level Accuphase separate amp, but hardly an entry level product.  It is plugged into an Accuphase PS-530 power supply.

It is all doing a marvellous job of driving my Verity Audio Arindal speakers (93 dB sensitivity).