Very Very Interesting NYC Venue and Meeting Place

I have just been sent a link by a friend of a New York Audio Equipment Venue to be found at - 28 Greene Street - NYC.

I have chose to put this on the Analog Topic as the Venue is surely to become a  mecca for those with a enthusiasm for all things Analog.

The owner has done lots of foot work to get to where he is and has a very secure place for how a sound is to be produced to meet his attraction, I say hats off to him for being Old School Adventurous.

The Link is a very good watch and will tell all about the Social Opportunities to be had.




For 5 hours on Saturdays in Soho. I hope they can pay the rent for that space while getting started.

A Venue like this is a wonderful opportunity to have extended experiences of musical encounters.

It might even be the perfect place to encourage individual who are new to the concept of audio equipment, to further investigate how music can be heard beyond the use of a Cell-Mobile Phone and Wireless Ear Buds, Amen to such evangelism for audio.  

When an audio dealer, no matter the hours uses the word “ fetish “ to describe tge attraction for some vintage bits, they well understand where the $ is….

Seems like a cool place and dude… wish him well…

I have traveled prior to Covid on quite a few occasions a 400 mile round trip to be able to take part in a activity similar to what is described for a Saturday get together on the Video.

A UK Dealer uses his premises and a selection of his equipment to enable attendees to experience his systems in various configurations, as well as add to the system attendees brought along devices, these can be Commercial Brands, Commercial Brands Modified or Scratch Built DIY Designs, either Kit, Kit Modified or Ones Own Concept for a design. 

The venue offered up is the enabler of individuals to come together.

The Music Encounters to be discovered really add to the experience.

What really is the most important is the attendees, a mixture of those looking to find more and willing to do the foot work and those that have learnt a lot to the point they have taken their interests to becoming a Proprietor of Companies well known for their producing Audio Equipment, occasionally a HiFi Media Reporter makes their entry into the Underworld of all things HiFi.

There is absolutely no reason why OJAS as a venue to meet, can't over time offer the same types of opportunities to meet some very interesting and possibly very inspirational/influential characters.

It is when I see this offer to visit on a Saturday that I felt it should be made known to others, I feel very very sure, if I was to be in NYC over a weekend period, I would be checking in advance to see if this was a place I could be at for a few hours on a Saturday. That would be my longest haul for a Audio Equipment Encounter, coming in at 6500 Miles.

I do have equipment that has been used in my system, as a result of being bought through Classified Ad's that have done half of those miles to be demonstrated in my set up.     

@bruce19 Hi Bruce, the Link is not a usual link I place, the Youtube Video is the place to find all the info, Enjoy 🍻      

Manhattan used to be replete with audio salons that offered succor to the wandering audiophile, and at one time or another I was in all of them. They were open much more than 5 hours per week. I include Lyric HiFi, Harmony House, Singer, and a few others. This was during the 70s when I was a near penniless med student living in the Bronx. Then in the 80s and 90s those salons either disappeared or became “by appointment only”. I won’t forget walking into Lyric one day long after I’d graduated from med school (and where I had actually purchased speakers) only to be turned away for not having an appointment. Mike Kaye, a consummate gentleman, had sold the business, and it sorely missed his charm and kindness to neophytes, rich or poor.

@pindac  Thanks! This is an interesting place with a philosophy of listening that appeals. May visit. Always interested in promising speaker and amp kits and plans.

It does seem the only agenda on the Saturday is for likeminded individuals with a interest or even a willingness to express a interest to have a venue to visit and have a musical encounter.

This is quite different to a typical arranged demonstration, as the fundamental is all about meeting with others.

I only know of one other arrangement that comes close to this, that I have not been able to experience, even though a Journey through mainland Europe once got me close to dates of being able to have the experience, and that one is in Aachen in Germany.       

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We have one very collegial spot in Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill Audio a/k/a Community Audio, which has an amazing collection of new and vintage gear, several listening rooms, and an adventurous approach to audiophilia. Time warp!

Also, in Olde City, there is a audiophile concept bar called 48 Record Bar upstairs at Sassafras on an historic street of bars, restaurants, and clubs in Center City Philadelphia. They play recorded music nightly, with album listening events weekly.




@phillyrover Thankyou for passing on a few places where others with a passion for being entertained by recorded music and hopefully an interest in audio equipment can be met.

From Little Acorns do sometimes Mighty Oaks appear, the seed planting comes first.

I find the social activities that are available for my beyond the home and at home interactions with audio enthusiasts being the coals on the fire.