TV Power Cords

Has anyone tried replacing the cheap TV power cord with an audiophile power cord?  What results did you get?  Picture Quality?  Sound Quality?  Did it improve the picture and sound or stay the same.   I have so many extra power cords laying around I just tried one in my 75" OLED Sony.  I will wait to report back my results.  I also have no idea where any fuses are on the TV and I am not about to take them apart to find out.  I wish they were visibly apparent or easy to get at.  
My Panasonic 65" plasma has a standard C15 IEC connector. My DIY cord is a DH Labs Encore cable with a Furutech silver IEC and a Furutech gold male plug. I don't listen to the TV speakers so, no comment on the sound (my tv sound is routed through the stereo system). The picture is easily seen as being better than with the stock cord. In addition, I can also easily see the difference between the Furutech FI-11 gold male and an Iego (eye-ee-go) gold male plug. In this case the Furutech plug is better. So, yes, my DIY power cord is easily improving the picture quality. To my ear, both the Encore wire and any silver connector or wire will be bright sounding so, maybe that brightness characteristic contributes to the improved picture that I observe.
I noticed an immediate improvement in brightness and clarity on my TV.  It was hard to get the Kimber Kable plug in but I did.  I was surprised by the outcome.  
Triode Wire Labs will put special connectors on his cables to plug into TVs.  Check out his thread over on AudioCircle.
If you can replace it, then you’ll easily see the difference.
Your eyes won’t lie to you like some say your ears will.
@terrycwk -  is this a DIY cable?  I see the strands but no connectors?  Can you elaborate please as to how this works?  How would it be different than the upgraded power cord that I am using now?
I changed the cable on our TV and did not really notice any change.

But when my wife turned on the TV, she asked "what had I done to the TV" - she noticed it was brighter, with better colour, contrast and details in the dark areas.

I've since learned what to look for and now my TV's have custom power cables.

Turns out I'm more like a bat - lousy eyesight, but GREAT HEARING.!

Yes they DO make a difference !

Regards - Steve
@willgolf - yes, this is a diy cable and I paired it with the Furutech’s FI-50 ncf connectors.  Sorry that I have never tried DH Labs cables so really can’t compare the two.  But for many years Nanotec power cords are quite famous for their use in video applications especially in Asia so you can do more research and maybe give it a try.

I got mine from these guys as I live in Vancouver Canada.
@bajaed - I use my own DIY cords.

see -  THE HELIX IMAGE" Power Cable | My Audio Alchemy (

If oyu are not into DIY take a look at KLE Innovations power cables

Hope that helps - Steve
What connector to the TV do you use?  I had to jam my PC in as it was too big.  Need a smaller female head.

@willlgolf - know what you mean, my Sony had the same problem

I used one of these
Schurter 4781.0100 Cryo Treated - Deep Cryo Treated AC Connectors - (

It worked well on the Sony

My Samsung takes the normal figure 8 plugs