Trade all my Amazon Alexa Echos for Sonos for whole home audio?

I have about 15 Echo devices right now. I use them in groups (Upstairs, Downstairs, Everywhere, Master Bedroom, etc).  All are connected to my Eero Pro mesh wireless system which is awesome.  However, I'm getting sick and tired of the dropouts!  They work MOST of the time but the failure rate is too high.  Not all of them play....  They all play for 10 mins then say "I'm having trouble playing music right now" and all stop.. There are a number of problems.

So, my question is, would Sonos do better?  I know they'd "sound" better so I'd use less of them.  But is their multiroom platform more stable?

I've also heard the Alexa integration isn't very good in Sonos.. Like, you have to enunciate more for Alexa to understand you etc.

First off, 15 Echo devices are quite a lot...before your switch to Sonos or anything else, have you checked your network speed? It may be getting bogged down by so many devices in your household hence causing dropouts.

Check with you service provider and have them analyze your network system. 

I have both Sonos and Echo throughout my home and never experienced any dropouts. For my casual listening, I prefer Sonos over Echo.
Ok, I wasn't sure what my ISP could actually do. I have At&T 1GB service so it's very fast.  But perhaps that's a good next step

Also, 15 echos is a lot but it's well within the capability of the Eero wifi mesh.  Also, I have many other devices that work perfectly like light bulbs.  Very very rare to get a drop out on them now after switching to Eero.
Another variable to consider is that although you have "1GB" service, it may not be actually providing anywhere near that speed. Full disclosure, I'm an AT&T customer and not a fan.
My ATT has been rock solid, of course I'm in a metro part of Dallas where AT&T is headquartered..  

But I pull anywhere from 300-700mbs through wifi... Depending.. Wired I can get 800ish.

So I'd say that's a success as I never expected to see 1GB.
I think Sonos are sonically more preferable and more fidelity than Echo when used household. They have more range. However, the Klipsch The One II is also incredible along the same vein.
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