Tracy Chapman - Similar artists & their albums

My all time favorite musician is Tracy Chapman ever since I heard her self titled album.
Looking for similar artists & their best work. Any suggestions?
I really have never heard any other artist that I would compare to her. She is a great and unique talent. She seemed to emerge fully mature on her very first recording.
There are lots of choices—maybe start with Joan Armitrading or Amos Lee’s self titled debuts. Or Ray Lamontagne, or Rose Cousins, or…..
She’s great. I just introduced her to a 50 something friend. I was surprised he didn't know of her
Phoebe Snow. Despite having more of a fusion jazz style her lyrics are quiet and intricate which demand time from the listener similar to Tracy Chapman.
Phoebe Snow was a great artist. Like Tracy, she was unique, not an imitator. 
+1 Joan Armatrading. Her self-titled 3rd is a career highlight(especially the super analog recording on vinyl). Both of her compilations, Track Record and The Very Best of would serve as tremendous introductions.

Maybe a bit of a stretch, but another quite original artist, with great songs, authentic reproduction, upfront vocals and lovely acoustic guitars featured in many songs is Gillian Welch. Time(The Revelator), Soul Journey, and The Harrow & The Harvest are all excellent albums. Cheers,
Have a listen to J.S. Ondara Tales of America very similar vibe for sure.  Good recent album that I learned about on another forum.
I really like the sound on this album as well the double bass and acoustic guitar and vocals come across in a really nice way.
Corrine Bailey Rae is “similar” to Chapman in the sense that she’s an incredible song writer, and is difficult to place in a musical genre. I thoroughly enjoy her work.