The Winter Brothers

Today, I came across Johnny and Edgar Winter Together on vinyl. Excellent copy. Oh my! Beyond good! Probably one of the best pieces of vinyl I have ever stumbled upon. With the highest of recommendations! 


Agree a great LP

You may also enjoy Edgar Winters White Trash and their double live LP on which Johnny joins the band for a few tunes.

The other guitarist  in WT is no slouch being Rick Derringer.

The live and studio White Trash albums are both great. Rick Derringer is up there with the greats, and Johnny is of course...Johnny!

That Roadwork live album is awesome as all the White Trash albums were. Hard to go wrong with that line up of Edgar, Johnny, Rick Derringer and one hell of a vocalist, Jerry Lacroix. Johnny played lead on the Edgar Winter White Trash album on Ray Charles' I've Got News For You. Enjoy the music

I loved Rick Derringer's work with Johnny Winter And.....  Went to a big outdoor festival at Oakland Stadium back in the 70's that was headlined by Johnny and Edgar; very cool, if somewhat optimistic as a festival headliner...

The Edgar Winter Group with Derringer, Randy Z and Dan Hartman were one of the most talented groups of the 70s.

One of the saddest shows I saw was Johnny Winter on his last tour before his death.  He was basically unable to do a complete show due to his poor health.

Read his Auto biography Raising Cane. Johnny was being over medicated by his own manager. He was so over medicated that the medication he was taking for his tremors was causing tremors. When the manager went on a vacation his girlfreind,later to become his wife took Johnny to a doctor and weaned him off medication. His girlfriend and Johnny sued his manager and took over his affairs after millions of dollars had disappeared.

I was just looking at some photos the other day that I took at a 'Day on the Green' concert in Oakland that was headlined by Johnny and Edgar Winter. Kind of an odd headliner for a stadium show, but good fun, and Rick Derringer was there, too...

I don' t think it's odd. At one time Johnny and Edgar were extremely popular especially in some areas. Philadelphia was one of them.

@roxy54 - usually these mini-fests were headlined by people like Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton, Scorpions, Grateful Dead, the Who, etc who are in a different league than the Winter Bros, at least in Oakland. 

Johnny Winters is one of two celebrities I’ve met in my life.

I met him after a show at the Whiskey in the mid 70’s. One of my friends older brothers was with us and swore that he grew up with the Winter brothers in Tx.

After the show we went back stage and sure as crap, Johnny gives gives my friends brother a big hug and we hung out backstage for quite a while as they got caught up and induced an incredible amount of " medication".