The perfect size double box

I have someone interested buying my Belles amplifier but would like it double boxed for shipping.  Dimensions are 22 x 18 x 8.7inch.  Fed Ex only do 24 x 24 x 18 .  I can find 24 x 20 x 10 but only available in minimum of ten and quite a long delivery time.  I am in Northern NJ, has anyone got any packaging tips or know a company that could double box nicely and cost effectively?  I presume the only options to ship are fedex, ups, usps?  Any help greatly appreciated.


Do a Google search for packaging & shipping supplies in your area, there are other outlets for supplies than you mentioned above. They can also guide you though the process.


When I can't find the correct size box, I buy the closest size to what I need and then cut and fold until I have created the size box I need.

I have found that FedEx stores have real nice assortment of boxes for shipping. I’ve used them for shipping audio components. I’ve tried Lowe’s and Home Depot but their sizes aren’t right for most low profile electronics. 

Walmart. eBay the boxery. Since you are in northern NJ come stop by our listening room for a while good to meet people and have fun.  Also staples

If you opt to box yourself, double box.

Oversize; wrap the Belles in a plastic bag, wrapped with a shipping blanket (U-Haul, cheap)

Foam peanuts liberally bottom, sides, and top; be kind to the receiver and put them into grocery bags to eliminate the ’peanut storm’ at the receivers’ end. Stuff it tight.

Repeat with 2nd larger box, add some scrap cardboard to minimize movement of the interior box within the exterior box. More bags of peanuts.....

Use fibered shipping tape to seal both boxes, and be into ’bondage’. Seal like it will try to escape from the boxes. If it jiggles, fill more...

Insure it for what it’s worth + in the long run.

I don’t ship much, but don’t care to get into ’discussions’ over bad packaging....

Oh, and take pics of your handiwork.....cheapest insurance of all... ;)

Good luck, J

PS:  Mark 'This Side UP' all 4 sides, and mark 'TOP: DO NOT STACK!'


(Paranoia isn't a bad thing, overall...)