Thank You, to the Person Who Helped You the Most.

Many thanks to Jtinn. Without him my system would not exsist. The sound just gets better. I am sure many of us owe thanks to a "Special Person" for all their help and guidance.

Audio Aero Capitole Mk II,
Manley Neo Classic 250's,
Kharma Ceramique 1.0's,
Elrod Signature Power Cords.

A very simple system.

Many thanks to my mentor, Jtinn, most of all to my friend.
I owe an eternal thanks to Sherod who after reading about my regret at throwing away my Dad's thirty year old Sansui receiver, bought TWO of them on Ebay and sent them to me. FREE.
I'd like to thank the whole Audiogon community! My system would not have come together as nicely without the help of many people here and on Audioasylum (and even on rao). I am often pleasantly surprised by the kindness of strangers... who says the world is going to hell?!
I would like to say thanks to Peter, he has HELP me allot along the way. I to have the Manley Neo Classic 250's,how do you like them?
Michael- You know what camp I am in :)

I am glad to see you are enjoying your system so much, finally! Its been a long and winding road full of speed bumps but looks like you've made it and you deserve it.
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For me, thanks to Tom Lyons for priceless guidance and wisdom during the early days of my getting back into analog, as well as more recently sharing his HIFI tonearm mod that I just installed and am auditioning (I'll post a review next week).

Besides Tom (TWL), David99, 4yanx, Rives, Audioengr and Sean have taught me an immeasurable amount of knowledge about this way of, hobby.

That's's a hobby.
For me that would be Tony Kob of Tony Kob Audio/Video, all of his clients reap the benefits of his constant pursuit of the absolute sound.
I think if I had to thank one person, it would be Dan D'Agostino of Krell.

Not only does he design and make exceptional electronics, he personally wrote a white paper on the alteration of the B&W800's to run actively biamped and designed the x-over for his KBX to not only be the x-over, but also the bass alignment filter.

I have never heard a speaker that surpasses these redesigned B&W's.

Thanks, Dan!

I would like to say "THANK YOU" to my Father. If it was not for his love of music and audio electronics, i would have had a completely different outlook on life. It was through him that i became interested in both audio as a means to reproduce and enjoy music and to learn about electronics. As such, it was he that ended up helping me to choose both my hobbies and career in a very direct yet indirect manner. By simply being an "audiophile" and allowing me to partake in his "system", encouraging me to read and learn from his magazines ( primarily Audio and IAR ) and buying me my first "real" system, his guidance and love of this "hobby" helped to shape my life. For all of that and all the rest that goes along with being a "Dad", i owe him a lot.

Hopefully, if and when i ever have kids, i'll be able to do some of the same things that he did for me for my children. With that in mind, i hope that some of you that are already in this position take the time to share both music and audio with your children. As far as i'm concerned, both can be enjoyed on your own, but it's so much better when friends and family enjoy it with you. Sean
Bill Kieltyka of NEAR,Paul Lam of FT Audio and Wayne of Bolder!They all have been invaluble to helping me put together a great system at an affordable price.

If it were not for Bill many of you who use Metal Drivers would not be.He was the first to market Metal Driver technology successfully!Maybe someday he will get the rcognition he deserves.
I have found that regular contributors to this forum are, without exception, unfailingly helpful, thorough, pleasant, and generous with those of us less knowledgable about the technical ways and means of high end audio. Several members here have taken quite a bit of their own time to answer personal emails. Tom Lyons sent me an email that was so detailed about setting up a turntable step by step, I simply printed it out and used it as a guide. It beat the hell out of the instruction manual I had. Talk about tech support!

I have written many other members with questions and have always received fast and helpful responses. So thanks to everyone. Great community here.

Riley804,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks a million! He introduced me to Space-tech-lab & Signal Cable.

Much appreciated!!!!!!
It is really Great when we let others know how much they mean to us.

Good feedback Guys. If I can ever help any of you, please feel free to call on me.

Happy tunes,
Hi Stealth,

I'd really appreciate it if you could figure out a way for me to stop the constant upgrading, heheh.

I also would like to formally thank Jonathan Tinn. He has been a terrific resource and has never led me in the wrong direction. I'm extremely happy with my current setup and Jonathan has been the key factor (aside from my wallet) in putting it all together. I consider him my friend and personal "audio guru". Thanks, Jonathan.

Piega P-10's
Manley NeoClassic 250's
Audio Aero Capitole MKII
To the late Frank Richards (FR in the old TAS). I met him in the mid '70s, and he had forgotten more about audio than most current writers know. He could diagnose an audio problem very quickly, and could explain how to fix it in terms a guy like me could understand. He also had a great sense of humor, and knew more stories about Harry (HP) than you can imagine.
I would liketo thank every contributor on Audiogon, since they showed me my place: I'm not as sick as some, but sicker then aothers..... But seriously, I enjoy reading most posts, whether or not I agree. I learn, come here to amuse myself (there is some serious good humor around) and to debate. And, as Eeerie1 already wrote, it's good to find that total strangers are willing to help you out. It kinda restores my faith in mankind..... And Dean, if they give you that cure that prevents the urge to upgrade, please pass it on to me, since lately it has started itching again!! Help!!!
Satch - my feelings exactly. Oh and in addition, we owe our collective thanks to the gods of the Internet for making it possible for communities such as this to exist and thus making our day-jobs more bearable – ha ha!