Tannoy Speakers without grills...

So I drove to Upscale Audio today and auditioned the Tannoy Legacy Cheviot and the Turnberry GR. Both were excellent. But the GR had a bit more detail. I was hoping to like the Cheviots but the Turnberry inched away from them in the upper midrange. I’m a drummer and focused on a lot of the ghost notes on the snare and cymbal overtones.

Anyway I got them home (45 minutes away) and didn’t get a chance to open them up until 30 minutes ago. Guess what? No grills! I watched an unboxing video online and the grills should be attached to the speaker fronts when the white cloth covers are removed. These speakers were properly sealed. One odd detail is that the instructions on the top of the box said open the other. Unwittingly, I had already opened the top before reading. But by a strange trick of fate, the speakers were upside down. The outside of the box clearly shows an illustration of the speaker ’right-side-up’. But the speaker was 180 degrees different than the illustration.

Upscale Audio is great and I know they will take care of me. No issue there except the hassle of returning it and getting a new set.

So no grills and upside down packaging. Hilarious! I guess stuff like this happens. But this is a first for me. Anyone else have this problem?
Not really. If you like the sound you have leverage to get compensated.
RT freight is not a moneymaker for the dealer. Get 10% refunded and keep those beauties!
That's great advice.

However there are other considerations:
I found a few blemishes. All are on the top of the cabinet...all are on the corners. Which makes sense if you consider this speaker made its long journey from Scotland to Upscale entirely upside down. I think the fabric cover abraided the top corners where the corner protectors rubbed on the edges and bonded to the veneer and flaked a few pieces of the veneer off. These are very minor but completely off-putting for $8000 speakers. 

I opened up the welcome pack where we the quality control signatures are written and the one signature missing is the cabinet and grille inspection guy. That's kinda funny.

If you bought them ,and missing grills without question they should send you a return shipping label and return shipping 
without question ,did you pay the shipping ? As a ex audio consultant ,and Audiophile 
they get a credit if it’s a mistake on their part .
upscale audio from my experience is Not good at all on Discounts 
and I had bad tube out of a quad where they said close match tested ,it was 30% off and turned a cherry red , I had to pay the freight back ,I sent them all back , they would not refund me ,and I had to file a claim with my credit card company , prima luna also 
after 2 weeks a resistor took out the integrated amp , you would think with less then 2 weeks they would just send me a new one ,
no way I had to send it back and wait, I personally would not buy 
any more Chinese junk again from them  ,I only buy 🇺🇸 or Europe or Japan You get what you pay for !! I am only speaking for  myself .
I picked them up myself. Luckily Upscale Audio is a 40 minutes drive from my house.

My experience of Upscale Audio has been very good.

Sorry to hear about your experience.
Any Tannoy owners here?If so, on your Quality Certificate, is the ‘cabinet and grille inspection’ section signed?
Would be good to get a confirmation so that come Monday, I can make my case to Upscale Audio. I can’t seem to find any images of this certificate to compare with mine.
So Upscale delivered. I’m already listening to the new replacements.
I checked the quality certificate and the missing grille/cabinet inspection box is signed. The grilles are included. There is not a flaw on these Turnberry GRs. Sure it was a hassle but I got a 20% off promise on my next purchase. 
I had gotten pretty smitten by the sound of the previous speaker so glad these sound just as good.