Streamer with decent app

Hey all:

I like to control everything from my phone while chilling in bed. Mostly Spotify and Tidal. I have a Yamaha WXA-50 that works pretty well but ready for an upgrade.

I tried a Sonos amp because it offered more music services but didn’t feel that the sound was as good.

Looking for an all in one solution (amp, streamer) that has a nice app that works well with the music services.

Budget: <$3k




For a meaningful upgrade both sonically and with a good app at your budget, unless you’re extremely space constrained I think you’re much better off with a separate streamer and integrated amp/DAC.  The new Innuos Pulse Mini will give you a great streamer that comes with its excellent Sense app that’s praised for both its usability and sound quality.  And there’s a good used Bel Canto C5i integrated amp/DAC that’d make an excellent partner for the Innuos.  They both are small footprint products so won’t take up much more room than a one-box unit but will likely deliver much better performance and comes in well below your $3k price target.  Just one thought, and best of luck.

A naim uniti atom. Is a perfect choice most dealers have demos for sale at 3k or so The amp stage is a beefy high current 40 watts the dac and streamer are fantastic and it has apple airplay Bluetooth Spotify tidal internet radio and quobuzz built-in

The atom is the class leader in all in one streaming systems.

We know as we sell many of these types of systems



Audio intellect nj

Naim dealer

The Rose RS520 is a fun piece that should fit what you are looking for.  Could likely find a nice, lightly used one in your price range (they are $3695 new).

Keep in mind what devices you have. Some of the expensive streamers only work with Apple devices.

One reason I went with Roon, though they keep making updates I don’t want... <sigh>