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Four audiophiles leave Portland driving 60 mph to visit Miller in Redmond. Well at least they drive 60 mph when they can. There's traffic. There's Starbucks. There's bladders. They text from Olympia which is like an hour away, and its an hour and a half later. So the question is, what time did they arrive at Mike Lavigne's?
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they never did

they were waylaid at the covid headshop just north of chehalis
Traffic. Had a great listening session. Then on to Lavigne's. What a system. Great guy too.


it was a pleasure to finally meet you and fun hanging with you and the gang from Portland. sorry you had to leave early, you missed some reel to reel tape the others seemed to enjoy. next time you visit i’ll play those for you. hope it’s soon. thank you for the kind comments.


If anyone can figure out what oldhvymec was saying, and what it had to do with miller's thread, please clue me in.
If anyone can figure out what oldhvymec was saying, and what it had to do with miller's thread, please clue me in.

there was a post deleted. it appears to be after oldhvymec's post but possible triggered his post.
mike and chuck et al

glad you guys had a get together to listen to music and mike’s system - important we try to do something social and ’normal’ in the time of covid and too much isolation

sounds like all had fun


ps - i think google translate needs to incorporate oldhyvmech's musings as an additional dialect needing translation... :)
I thought the 4 audiophiles were going to visit Miller in Redmond.
Who is Mike Lavigne's?

I'm in Redmond. Mike is about a half an hour away in the mountains outside North Bend. The guys showed up literally as I was writing the post. We had a nice few hours here then we all drove up to Mike's. 
Thanks for the explanation Mike. It's good to see you posting here again once in a while. I've always enjoyed your contributions, and as far as your system goes...I could only dream.
So ... "what time did they arrive at Mike Lavigne's"? Did the four audiophiles all have watches on within COSC standards? Did they synchronize watches before beginning the journey? Without that information, at least, there is no way to answer without purely guessing. If they all drove separately, that is yet another variable. My answer can only be that some were late as the record had already started. Of course, better late than never at Mike's!
Ok, ok. The moment they all arrived there was a unanimous "It's Miller Time"!! 😄
My favorite thing about Mike's system, its obviously very much a working active audiophiles system. Even without him saying anything the evidence is all over the place that he's actively keeping it a work in progress. Then he tells a few stories and its clear its many many years of work in progress. Otherwise known as constant gradual improvement. I'll be coming back. Already looking forward to it.
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Can you say that on here? Only until some prude snowflake figures out what you're talking about I guess. Wait. No. Never happen. They never figure anything out. Just see naughty word, scream and run to Safe Space until mommy mod comes and kisses and makes it all better. There there snowflake, bad word all gone now. 

Run that through Goolag translate.
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Social distancing in effect?

they did drive a distance to be social.

i had an unopened sleeve of masks which i offered to everyone.

and Millercarbon was our medical professional on hand.

so all the important bases were covered.
"they did drive a distance to be social."

That is a funny one.

Hopefully, all is well.