SPDIF splitter

I have two SPDIF coaxial outputs ; one from my streamer and one from my CD transport.

Only one SPDIF coaxial input on dac.  The other DAC input is a toslink.

Does anyone know of a 2:1 SPDIF box / switch that I can use WITHOUT degrading the signal and sound quality?



I’m in the same situation; CD and streamer. Hopefully someone will have an answer.

I would call Sweetwater.  If anyone has what you are looking for it will be them

just look up spdif splitter on amazon--they have numerous choices from ten bucks on up--you can return it if it doesn't work well

You don’t want a splitter, you want a switch.  Or you want a coax to optical converter.  Whether either device will degrade the signal…that’s up to your ears to decide. The “everything matters” crowd will say it inevitably does. I would try the coax to optical converter.  There are many available.

Gefen, Atlona, Binary are brands considered to be reliable. Fiio is a cheaper version also well regarded.  


Which dac are you using and does it include an AES input?

Are your coaxial outputs BNC or RCA cinch connectors?


How’s it going? I has posted a thread on this some time ago as well, was trying to figure out the best way of incorporating 3 dacs from one source. The way I was going to try was with a Mutec MC3+USB-

Do you still have your MC3? Have you tried using this to with your sources out to your AN Dac?


I am old, that’s your coot. In my career in audio I had the reputation of being a bit of a stickler for facts and unsympathetic to bs. That’s your crusty!

Hi @designsfx 

I used the MC3+ as a switcher between SPDIF coax and AES digital. It was great not having to change cables behind my rack. I stopped using it because it changed the sonic signature of my Audio Note dac. I'm selling it.

Instead of using Optical, I can output AES/EBU from my transport. The streamer will use SPDIF coax. Has anybody tried or can offer advice  about this digital converter? I'll be using 2 in/1 out (to dac)...



I had posted this same question last year and got a few suggestions for adapters that are available for sale. I didn’t try any of the splitter/adapters as further investigation into other forums gave mixed opinions when it comes to the use of passive devices.

Sonifex (UK) makes an active device for SPDIF distribution but I chose to steer away from it as it has all RCA connections and I wasn’t impressed with the asking price (around $500 USD).

This weekend I ordered a  AES/SPDIF distribution amplifier from Matrix Switch Corp. It is a single input four output device and all connections are 75 ohm BNC. The device normalizes all outputs to 1 Vpp. Although 1 Vpp is higher than the standard 0.5V input consumer electronics use I’m going to try it anyway. A friend who designs audio electronics believes it should work fine- we’ll test it once it arrives. If you’re interested in more information you can find it here.