Simaudio Moon 740P preamp vs. Ayre KX-5 Twenty

Anybody compared this to Ayre KX-5 Twenty? I really like the Ayre, but I can get a Demo Moon 740P for about $5K locally.

Any other solid state preamp that I should really look at ? I don't like tubes preamps, unless something "hybrid" like PS Audio BHK Signature Preamp.

Why don't you like tube preamps? I am asking because I am thinking of trying a tube preamp.
@thyname  Didn't you just receive your new Ayre amp? What's prompting you to consider another after a few days?
@daI did. The VX-5 Twenty. I am here inquiring about the matching preamp. The KX-5 Twenty 
Understand. I didn’t realize at the time you were asking about the amps in your thread that you were also considering moving from your QX-5 Twenty DAC (the digital volume control). All the best in your search.
Oh I am keeping the QX-5 Twenty @david_ten . But I am thinking of running it through a Preamp . Everyone says sounds better that way. Gotta try to know , right?
I have a friend that all three "Twenty" pieces and he thought the preamp was the best of the three pieces.
Thanks. Had I known you were also considering a preamp, my recommendation on how to move forward would have been different (in your other thread).

@jackd  makes the point, succinctly... 

I have a friend that all three "Twenty" pieces and he thought the preamp was the best of the three pieces.

In any case, I wish you all the best in the journey and what lies at the end of it.
In fact even after selling the amp and the DAC he kept the preamp for quite a while before going back to a tube preamp. Or quite a while for him anyway. 
What would your recommendation have been @david_ten ? I have not bought the Preamp yet
I would have suggested a system level approach vs a component based one. Thinking holistically of your preamp and amp choice, together as one, even a 'trio' of 'one' inclusive of the DAC vs. approaching it a component at a time. 

It's something I'm tussling with: that is how to approach our hobby vis a vis choices / changes to my system in the future. 
Got it @david_ten ... I often think the same.... going Integrated from the start would have been wise before I am deep in this rabbit hole. Something like Gryphon Diablo and such. Too late now
I went to a Simaudio dealer today. Listened to 740P and a bunch of other Moon gear. Impressive! Although I realize it’s impossible to evaluate a Preamp given it being hooked up to unfamiliar gear and speakers. But it looked handsome and very nicely built. They did have it connected to a monstereous Moon power supply