Roon Nucleus Titan Upgrade Offer

This morning I got an email from Roon that they were offering substantial trade in values for those of us who have Nucleus servers, to upgrade to their new top-of-the-line Nucleus Titan server.  So I "pulled the trigger" on upgrading from my Nucleus Plus, which sounds great, USB connected to my PS Audio DAC!


I was hoping to hear/see some comparisons. I have a >2 year old Nucleus+ so it is a $2500 upgrade cost. Would love to get new, faster, better, but I'm not having any problems now and not clear that faster RAM and CPU would even be noticed in real world use. Anyone else have thoughts?


Nucleus Titan


Not me!!!  I'm perfectly happy with and satisfied with my 3 year old Nucleus Plus unit, which I'll be enjoying for years to come.  All my high end audio purchases are carefully selected with the intention of me keeping them for the long-haul, and me not stressing my finances out by trying to keep up with every upgrade that comes along, unless I feel that the upgrade is worthwhile enough and is compelling enough to me.  For instance, my speaker cables are over 14 years old, and my speakers have been around for just about the same amount of time as my speaker cables, and I still enjoy the heck out of them with no intentions to replace them.  I have recently (over the past few years) upgraded all the other cables in my system only because I thought that upgrade to be worthwhile.  My system, in it's current configuration, will remain the same for many years to come.  

@kennymacc I'm very much like you, not trading much the last few years.  I have the system I always dreamed of!  If my Nucleus Plus wasn't one of the earliest ones, I'd not done the upgrade, as it sounds awesome!

Nine days ago I ordered the Roon Nucleus Titan upgrade, still shows as "awaiting fulfillment", no response from my emails to them.

I finally got a response from my emails to Roon, who indicated that it would be another two weeks or so before the Titan server would be shipped, so I cancelled the order.

@ejr1953 I think if you were not having any issues with your nucleus+ then canceling the Titan was a smart move.

@rsf507 Since my server was probably 6-7 years old, I thought starting out "fresh" might be a good option, especially with the $1500 trade in allowance.  But with the additional delay, we won't be home to accept the delivery in two weeks or so.

Having said all of that, your point is well taken, my Nucleus+ connected to my DAC sounds awesome!

One site I found indicated that Roon's partnership with Intel for a customized NUC was expiring, hence the new versions of their servers.  Probably best to see how these new units perform.

I’m having a very hard time understanding the advantages of the Titan vs Nucleus+, is it just faster and a nicer case?

I’m simply interested in sonic performance and if no improvement, then the upcharge to the Titan seems not worth it.

The question you raised is the one I have had, too. For users, apparently, there aren’t any sonic benefits. 

@kennyc and @jmeyers The more I investigated the Titan, the less I was interested in making the change.  Somewhere I read that Roon's agreement with Intel (for the NUC that the Nucleus & Nucleus+ are based on) had ended.  The Roon website seemed to be advertising that the Titan was "faster", which I presume was the normal improvement in processor and memory speeds.  I was struck by how one could reserve a Nucleus but could not purchase a Titan on their website.  I wonder if, when Harman was purchased by Samsung, that the mother company was transitioning all the manufacturing to their factories.  I don't know that for a fact, but thought it was strange that they were offering an upgrade for a product that you could not make a direct purchase for.  My Nucleus+ sounds awesome, so I'll stay with that for now.