Rogue Metis pre amp

I'm getting a rogue Metis next week, anyone out there using this with good results? In a few reviews it says it's loud. Not sure what that means but I'm sure it will be better than my 20 year old solid state.
You should be very happy. Check with for tube rolling ideas. If you are looking to upgrade the power cord I have 2 Eichmann eXpress Series 2 2M available.
Hi Fruff1976, let us know what you think of the pre. I am interested in knowing if it is indeed a bit noisy as the reviews say or if Rogue has improved the signal to noise ratio since the reviews.
I'll be pairing it with a Classe CA-300 power amp and Usher 6381's. I'm replacing a Classe cp-35, which is about 20 years old. I'm assuming it can't be any noisier than that one.
The CA-301 (only amp I could find a spec for) has a very high input impedance- making it easy to drive for the Metis- which is good because I have read that the Rogue has trouble driving some amps.

If this was pure coincidence you got lucky. However I also noticed that it needs 1.75v to hit its rated output power. This is a little high which indicates that you may need to turn it up to get things going if your speakers are lower in sensativity.

You are going to have to wait and see. I think you will be okay. Even if it is a little noisier than what you have today, it still could sound a lot better.

Yes indeed it is noisy. It sounds like the Vegas strip in my listening room now. I'm not quite sure what to do about it. I was expecting a little noise but there is a very audible buzzing and humming from as far back as 10-15ft.
Strange thing is I heard the metis at a dealer once and it was quiet through Triangle Antals. He had it plugeed into some fancy power conditioner though, I wonder if that might do the trick for you.
Fruff1976; if it is that bad ditch it. There are too many alternatives that dont have this issue.

Owned the Metis. It is rather noisy for a tube preamp.... have the Cary SLP-05 now and it is much quieter in all aspects. The Metis is a good pre, it gave me a good taste of having a tube pre paired with a SS amp.... very nice combo I think.

Do not ditch the Metis just yet... what exactly is noisy? Do you think it could be a ground issue?
I don't think it's a ground issue because I've tried all ways to correct that including cheater plugs etc.
Noisy as in buzzing/humming/ combination of noise that is distracting. Sort of like the sound of a refrigerator but maybe a little more high pitched.
I don't recall mine being that loud...

This is at what volume and is there any audio track playing when this occurs?

How about when you use the volume remote... do you hear a buzzing noise?
UPDATE: I took it back to the dealer and he confirmed their was a problem with it. Rogue agreed to send an new one immediately. The customer service from Rogue and my dealer has been outstanding regarding the matter. I'll have to see how this one turns out.
UPDATE: I received a new pre from Rogue and have to say I'm very impressed. As assumed, it isn't the most quiet unit in the world but it does sound very, very good. Customer service is top notch too.
Fruff, i recently purch'd the metis on agon. I also have the Usher 6381's -- coincidence! the rest of my system consists of a Musical Fidelity a308cr cd player (wonderful and detailed) and Operetta SS amp (google Jaton Operetta. a relative newcomer to the game, this amp sounds almost tubey). The entire system is the best I've had. I've got tube warmth (I upgraded the stocks to GE GTA's - nice improvement in mid weight and less harsh).

I hear speaker hiss when I put my ear to the speaker, that's about it. It is a little noisier then other preamps I've had, but not noticeable from my listening position. Overall happy with it in this system. I recommend tube rolling and if you can, upgrading power cords and plugging into a decent power conditioner (i've got a PS Audio Quintet).
If you are hearing a loud buzzing you have a ground loop somewhere my freind has a metis and it is very quiet without a line conditioner.
Give Rogue a call the designer Mark Obrien will try to help you if you have a problem.
Just bought an used Rogue Metis (with GE 6SN7) from a nice gentleman in Canada; unit was relatively quiet IMO with my listening volume control up to approx. 12 O'clock. My other components as follow: power amp: McIntosh MC275, DAC/transport: EAD 7000 MkIII/1000T, speakers: Clements Little "d". The Rogue is my most recent addition, and definitely an improvement, replacing a rather nice N.E.W. (this USA manufacturer was purchased by Cary in the late 90's) model P-3 triode preamp.