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Looking for Speaker Input
Really hard to provide any meaningful advice based on the info you have provided other than you seem to have a case of audiophile merry go round syndrome. Other guesses I can venture based on nothing but seeing and reading comments in places like ... 
Thoughts on my speaker selection?
Your not giving us enough to get good advice back. What are you trying to accomplish with an upgrade? Is there something you like about the Klipsch, or dislike? Room size, musical tastes, amplification, etc. Not sure how people can be so quick to ... 
Upgrades on Dynaudio Focus 20 XD versus 200 XD
Zero doubt about it. If the 20/30/60 have the most updated firmware than they are electronically and acoustically identical to the newer models. They will report as the new models when connected to the connect box. You will likely also get a conne... 
List of best Headphone Amp/DAC combos under $3,000
Qobuz Coming to America Soon!
Seems amazing that they still have not launched in the US, they are really behind based on their own estimates from earlier this year.  I wonder what is going on?  
Replace Revel Ultima Studio with Magneplanar 3.7i (???)
This is perfect; https://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/vt.mpl?f=speakers&m=362232 
Replace Revel Ultima Studio with Magneplanar 3.7i (???)
I would not do it unless you are very into listening to piano, strings and vocals and are adamant about a new perspective on these genres. The revels are awesome, and you sort of sound like you are bored more than anything else tbh!  
Work Headphones Under $200, sealed, easy to drive
Check amazon, I have gotten very good deals on the B&W PX as well as Momentum 2. Both are great.  
Help me pick from my sub-$1200 shortlist
One thing to mention... when looking at speakers consider who is responsible for engineering/designing them. There are very well known and expert people who understand how to do this. Andrew Jones, Richard Vandersteen, Jack Oclee-Brown, Vince Bruz... 
Dynaudio X12 upgrade
I am a big Dynaudio fan. With that said, the special 40 had a poor wrtite up in stereophile recently due to box resonance, which quite honestly is puzzling and completely unacceptable for any decent speaker, never mind a Dynaudio.  X18 gets you in... 
Help me pick from my sub-$1200 shortlist
Your list is solid, I would also listen to the m105/106 Revels and Dynaudio Excites. Otherwise, everything you are considering is solid and is simply a matter of taste.  
Advice for killer desktop speakers
Here are the best speakers I have had on my desktop, in descending order;1. Dynaudio Focus 200 XD2. Focal Shape 503. Kef LS50 4. Anthony Gallo Strada / TR2Sub 5. AVI ADM 9.16. Dynaudio Xeo 4/ x14a7. Revel M228. Quad 12L Active9. Magnepan MiniWhat ... 
Small dedicated listening rooms
My thought is that you need to listen in the near field. You mitigate many of the challenges and sacrifice very little.  It is easy to set up, imaging can be stunning and the level of impact and immediacy is thrilling. However, understand Duke rea... 
Neutral or Detailed. You can't have both
Disagree with the premise. Plenty of speakers measure almost flat through the mid band into the upper frequencies while having plenty of detail. Dynaudio, Revel, most manufacturers that design well and have capable tools to measure.  
Quad S-2
Distribution in the states has been a disaster for years, that is a big part of the problem here. I also think that while Quad is one of the most prestigious hifi brands in the world, they are trying to figure out who they really want to be for th...