Recommended Sennheiser or Bose Headphones

Hi There, Been a Sony user since 2015s, and I'm planning to get a new one this year, I would like to try either Sennheiser or Bose. Beats is quite too trendy for me. :) I've been researching and trying a lot and so far quite impressed with the Sennheiser HD660 bass, response, clarity and comfort. Bose 700 is also very sleek in its noise-cancelling features. I also want to share some relevant review I got - Sennheiser HD. Still looking for reviews about the Bose 700. Any recommendations based on your experiences? :)
Sennheiser.... all the way.  Did you choose something yet?   

Not to derail your thread, but I tried on a pair of those new Bose sunglasses with BT "speakers " in the temples.   HORRIBLE...   they get $300 for those.   Bose is way overpriced in my opinion across their whole product line.  So many better alternatives.

Massdrop also has AKG 7xx ,  I picked up the Massdrop O2 Objective headphone amp and it's great for the money.   Some nice stuff appears on Drop, its worth joining (free) if not just to browse around.
I've actually gone through extensive research when I got my last pair of headphones. I needed a pair to cancel out exterior noise, I travel a lot lately and just want my peace and quiet. Bose and Sennheiser are obviously the top 2 brands to pop up on any website, so I had to draw a more detailed comparison and look into as many user reviews as possible. Found detailed reviews on noise cancellation equipment here and evidently Bose and Sennheiser were leading, but I ultimately went with Sennheiser, the HD1 model, cause it was within my price range and the positive feedback convinced me. Bose would be a lot more popular among consumers, I think, if their prices dropped a bit. At times it seems that the brand forgets that they're not alone when it comes to quality audio gear, and they're the ones who will ultimately see sales drops if they don't change their way.
“Bose would be a lot more popular among consumers, I think, if their prices dropped a bit. At times it seems that the brand forgets that they're not alone when it comes to quality audio gear”

Bose and “quality audio” have no business being in the same sentence. Bose makes a living by identifying a customer need and providing a solution using cheap, inferior components, applying their totally inaccurate EQ curve, and then charging an absurd markup for what it is — hence the high prices. Anything Bose makes can be bettered for significantly less and annihilated for a similar price by a product from a real audio company (like Sennheiser, AKG, Grado, Beyer, etc.). BTW, this statement could also apply to Beats IMHO. Anyone even semi-serious about audio knows Bose is a complete joke and is really just a marketing company posing as a “serious” audio company. For those who may be new to this site, for these reasons using the “B” word is generally frowned upon (except for sarcasm or making a joke), and it’s no coincidence that nobody has yet recommended them on this thread. Anyway, best of luck in finding some good ‘phones that sound great to you.
After burning through 4 pairs of Bose headphones in the space of a few years, and having all of them break or die with alarming speed, I finally shifted to Sennheiser several years ago. The improvements in both quality and sound are staggering and I would never go back. Despite the positive press in consumer outlets, Bose headphones are just as crappy as Bose’s home audio projects and should be avoided.
I've got  a pair of Bose QC 15, the noise isolating, and they are 9 years old.  Not my main phones anymore, but they have been dependable and enjoyable for me.  They have great sound and I prefer them over some Nad HP 50's I bought on a whim.  Bose has apparently refined the noise isolation since then, and they are still among the best in the game for active isolation.

Bose bashers need to realize that all of the marketing in the world would not keep them afloat if their products truly were trash.  I bought one of their sound docks back then and it was again, one of the better options in the market.  It still does just fine, my wife uses it at work.  I bought a small blutooth bose speaker about 4 years ago and it's given no problems as well, still charging up just fine and performing without a hiccup.

I know their little cube speakers were not audiophile and the source of the decades of belly aching by bose bashers, but that was then and it's time to move on.