recommended sacd list?

I am trying to expand my collection of SACD's- mainly classical titles.
my interest is in outstanding sounding baroque, pipe organ, and also contemporary classical pieces, especially those that i don't already have on redbook and vinyl. there are some "not-so-great" sacd's out there that i definitely want to avoid. other than the abs.sound, stereophile, and HP lists, are there one or more OTHER authoritative lists that i can use to assemble a shopping list? i figure adding 25-50 "gems" would be a good start (i already have about 30 plus some samplers). then in 3 months or so another 20-30...
i have tried searching around but so far i can't seem to find what i want (or perhaps haven't worded my question properly (?). any help would be appreciated. thanks so much.
Just check the SACDs I have ;also wouild recommend the selections from Stereo sound Japan.

Just like the Stockfish stuff ,all of their SACDs were recorded in pure dsd

You would realize that most of the so called bad sounding SACDs are actually PCM versions

agreed that not much Classical stuff there.

But Recordindg Quality?The best....
C'mon, pay your dues like the rest of us.

I'd say 40% of my collection are stinkers (especially some recommended by magazine reviewers "Oh, this album is just so frickin' great!!!" (yeah right)).

The other 60% are pretty good.

It would be nice to "just buy the really, really good 'uns".
Ain't gonna happen.
hi, yes, there are 2900 or so sacd's under classical/ alone, 6000
if you include other vendors. i am getting a few more web sites to consider like "" and "cd universe". but even at the u-verse, if a customer hasn't reviewed it, the item is unrated. still looking... didn't the "penquin"
catalogs etc. used to rate music (virtually everything in print)?
Here's a good place to start.You have to remember,reviews are what others think,you might have a totally different opinion.Good luck.