Recommended RCA sub-woofer cable? Thank you.

I need two (2)  RCA sub-woofer cables - 6' 5" / 2 meters and 13' / 4 meters.

Please do you have a personally tried and recommended RCA cable?  Why? 

Budget is TBD and thank you very much! ;-)






I’ve had good luck with directional RCA cables from worlds best cables made with Canare L-4E6S, Star Quad, Audio Interconnect Cable and Amphenol ACPR Gold RCA Connectors – Directional Design. They come in different lengths and they will custom make a length for you if you contact them. Here’s a link to one: RCA – The Worlds Best Cables.  Also look/search on Amazon because the selection is different than on the website.

The extra conductor eliminates any noise that RCA is prone to, they are good quality, give good sound and they don’t cost an arm and a leg!

If your sub has XLR those would be preferred and if your sub has speaker level inputs even better "depending on your equipment".

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"directional RCA cables" what constitute a directional RCA cable?  in my opinion there is no such thing in an AC circuit, other then the shielding grounding scheme, if used.  

Get the best one available at BlueJeansCable. I had them for my subs and they worked great.  Well built. I made sure to get the same length for each sub so no time delay issues even though one sub was only a short distance.

glennewdick: Contact the company for an explanation and schematics of the aforementioned cables, I'm sure they’d be happy to help you!

I wouldn't recommend them for other uses, but BJC are just fine for a subwoofer.

Meadiabridge Ultra subwoofer cable,  on Amazon. Highly recommended for the cost and performance. 

Why do you not know your budget?  Silly/useless to make recommendations without that info.  If you’re gonna ask people here to commit their time and knowledge you should at least be able to share your budget range.

@soix instead why not offer recommendations in various budgets instead of reprimanding?  You sound like an old grumpy.

@scslite Because the OP is asking us to donate our time/expertise.  Why should we waste our time recommending products that are not in the budget range?  No thanks.  If someone is asking for help the least they can do is provide the most basic information.  It’s not that hard.  I’m old but I’m not grumpy, and I’m just not gonna waste my time/effort making recommendations for someone who can’t provide the most basic info.  If you wanna spend your time throwing darts blindfolded here have at it.  I’ve been down this road before and ain’t gonna play that game. BTW , I noticed you didn’t make any recommendations.  Hmmm.


As aforementioned, budget is "a thing" if you want recommendations, which is why I recommended what I did on my first post, the least that I would settle for assuming low budget, otherwise my recommendation would be AudioQuest Fire, but those cost more than most people’s entire systems. AudioQuest makes good stuff in a wide range of prices though.

@soix it's a public forum and you can't always expect people to divulge even the most "basic" as you say information all the time.  It's just how it is.  So are you going to police folks that don't then?  That seems more like a waste of time to me.  Instead why not approach it in a more cordial way instead of calling people out?  You have no idea of everyone's background but one thing is for sure is we all just want to enjoy this hobby and that's a great thing.  Lending your time is never a waste if your intent is to help.  Who knows it may not help the original OP but could help others that run across the thread.  Otherwise, you just end up sounding like a curmudgeon.

I didn't recommend anything because I have nothing to recommend.

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