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Help with used "rock" speakers under 4K
ATCs make for the best "rock" speakers bar none.. 
to SACD or not
Here are my thoughts: 1. Getting into SACD is a no brainer especially if you are a classical music fan. SACD done right is CLEARLY superior to redbook player. 2. Stretch your budget a bit and get a (used?) dcs Puccini. It trounced every single box... 
Getting back into Hi-Fi need new int-amp
Exposure 2010s 
"If you haven't experienced well recorded Direct Stream Digital SACDs on a top-notch player, you are missing the boat!"-definitely!!!Certainly true if you listen to classical music 
Japanese Vinyl Pressing
Yes .It is true.In fact The same is true for the Japanese pressed SACDs and CDs too. The German pressings are also much more superior than american ones 
dCS Puccini CD transport noise
Dead quiet.Are you putting the Puccini on a dedicated rack?What sort of footers are you using?I would first check that the Player is set absolutely levelled on the rack... 
PS Perfect Wave Trans/DAC versus Meridian 808.2
Is this some kind of joke or what?The Meridian OF corse!!!By a million miles!! 
Seeking Amp recommendation...
Exposure 2010s.Better than Rega IMO 
SACD player with digital input
Marantz KI pearl.The shortest route to SACD magic,might have to folk out a bit more than a grand but well worth it... 
SACD vs. Vinyl
"So is there anyone out there whose familiar with vinyl and it's fabulous dynamics that can make a comparison to what they're experiencing on SACD that is on par to what they've experienced on vinyl?"YES,and occasion exceeded the performance of Vi... 
CD player how much to invest
I would second What Bigkidz suggest,IF>>>and only IF you could find someone who knows what he is doing.If you could,certainly this would be the most cost effective route..I know a few in our part of the world{Asia},Octave audio in malaysi... 
CD player how much to invest
For 1-2K Euros,here are my suggestions;1.dcs P8i -used2.EAR acute-used3.Luxman D-05I believe your Symphonic line intergrated will matc superbly with dcs,the Naim might have too much of its own personality 
CD player how much to invest
"I don't think the Boulder is a lot better"-you are right,but Try the Nagra CDT vsPuccini?Now there's something else.Likewise a Puccini vs Scarllati stack....the differences are not subtle.Actually I have found out that very few manufacturers know... 
SACD vs. Vinyl
"Can someone whose a huge vinyl fan establish a case for SACD as well" Yup,WITHOUT A shadow of a doubt.!!!!Once your set-up is up to the mark,the Quality of the recordings become more important than the format..I fully agree with Mikelavigne about... 
CD player how much to invest
"However I do think that speakers and turntables have a higher return on investment sonic "-I beg to differ.I think the law of diminishing return is true for almost alll the equipments,especially loudspeakers.. "I somehow doubt it will be much bet...