Planar Speakers and Diffusors

I have the Clarisys Speakers. They are the Planar type. I would like to treat the wall behind the speakers. I have been told not use any type of sound absorber, so I am interested in the GIK Acoustics Q7d Diffusor

I have a large 85" TV in between the speakers, so the only area that can be treated is behind the Planers. Check out my systems page.

I have yet to find a review of these diffusors, so has anyone used these and can comment on the effectiveness?



Thank you for some very good information.

The DC3 Multiuser, QRD diffusers, along with adding a couple plants interests me.

At this time, I’m going without front wall/behind speaker treatment. The soundstage is huge as it is!

But I am such a tweaker and audio hobbyist, I’m sure I will revisit the suggestions sooner or later.


You got a lot of opinions on this Q! My reading is that the reflections off the back wall can reinforce the front at the right distance. My experience with Magnepan with sub is the back wall without absorption or deflection behind the speakers is best. I do have a bass trap on the back wall between the speakers. I'm in a pretty small room with corner bass traps and light absorption here and there. Informal Deflection at reflection points. Moving the speakers various ways was hugely useful. So was playing with my seat position. I got a totally flat REW curve and nice, wider than the speakers, sound stage. Happy experimenting!

I have extensive foam absorption on my side walls and ceiling with 90oz carpet. My front and rear walls are 3/4" cherry plywood with the entire room super strong and non-resonant (my profile indicates the $150K that went into building it). My old Focuses were not good sounding here. The Signature IIIs with the rear firing tweeter obviated the need for front wall absorption. My Von Schweikert VR9 SE Mk2s have adjustable rear tweeter and sub with such great dispersion that I don’t seem to need anything on front or rear walls. I used to own 5 different stat speakers over two decades. They were about 5 to 6 feet from the front walls mostly in a room 5,800 cu ft room. They did not appear to require rear baffling of any time although I had considered an expensive curved foam design for the Monolith IIIs.

The Clarysis is a fine speaker.  In a large enough room with ample depth to the front wall, they may not require any baffling (absorption or dispersion).   At under 3 feet, very likely necessary.

I don't use planar speakers but I did just put in a diffuser. I wasn't expecting much but wow what a difference it made! I use mine on the front wall between the speakers. 

It sort of cleaned up the music. Enhanced separation between the instruments and vocals. It's like getting a component upgrade! 


I guess what we are finding out is there is not just one approach to maximizing our systems and soundstage. Everything is a variable that should be explored.

Happy Easter to all!


Check out AWOL short throw laser projector and mobile screen that hides into a 4'''x5"x115" box on floor. It gets out of the way completely for serious audio listening, and rises up between speakers for AV entertainment. I use Apogee Divas with JL subs. The ability to listen and watch in 4k HD 100" diagonal screen is marvelous! Great products! I wish I could download pics or a video of this!

I use a wool blanket over my 65” as well. I’ve been a Martin Logan user since 1979, and still using them. 

Ozzy, I have a pair of refurbished Duetta Signature which are similar to your Clarysis. Please avoid all theorical acoustic suggestions coming from non-planar speaker owners. Panel speakers have a figure 8 diffusion pattern and require specific acoustic solutions. As Suncoast Audio suggested, only use diffusers behind your panels. This is what I have successfully using for the last 10 years. You will enjoy a larger and deeper soundstage with increase imaging.

Personally, I have built my own wood diffusers using 2x2 inch square studs. You can find this DIY diffuser recipe on the web. I have installed them at ears height directly behind the mid/high ribbons. Afterwards, I installed the same DIY diffusers behind my listening area at same height and line of sight as the front wall diffusers.

These provided additional benefits (no more walls Ma!). Total cost was about $200 for four 2 square feet diffusers.


Thank you for that information.

At the present I do not have anything behind the Clarisys. But I will revisit some type of diffusor in the future.