Opinions on Silnote Cables

Silnote Cables is offering big discounts on some of their cables.  Does anyone have experience with these cables?  Would you recommend them?  Are they usually heavily discounted?   
I have a Silnote digital RCA, and a pair of RCA IC’s. Just purchased not too long ago.

I use my CD/BluRay player as a transport into my DAC via the RCA, and I must say, the difference was immediately notable. Musical, ‘softened’ the digital, good solid low, minds, and highs. Took the ‘glare’ off. Liked the difference so much I bought the IC’s to go from my DAC to pre. Again, very solid. May be a bit ‘warmer’ than the Audio Envy I use on my analog/TT chain, but as it turns out, exactly what I wanted in the digital chain. That is not to say they are overly ‘warm’. In fact, very neutral, and as I say, ‘musical’.  I’ve thought about flipping the AudioEnvy and Silnote just to hear the difference, but have not, I like what each are doing within their chain.

They are also made extremely well.

I have no complaints at all. For the price, I think they are pretty hard to beat.
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The stereo times review for their stuff from a few years back is pretty glowing. I usually consider them a good source of audiophile info, as they seem to find more obscure products. There’s enough positive feedback out there to give them a try.
I have had Silnote RCA and digital cables in my 2 systems for a number of years. I started with Morpheous RCA and digital, and then moved to  Posiedon Signatures digital and RCA between my amp and preamp , and  Orion between my DAC and either preamp or when Iswitch over to one of my integrated amps  in my main system . Poseidon Signature RCAs and Poseidon digital  in my 2nd system. To my ears they are very balanced across the spectrum, good tone, detail and soundstage.

As far as pricing I believe what you see on the website isn't discounting per se versus what the prices are direct versus if you were buying retail.
I’ve had Silnote’s Morpheus XLR to XLR interconnects between my BAT VK-5i tube preamp and BAT VK-600 with bat pack solid state beast of an amp for a couple years now. After that I bought their XLR to RCA Morpheus to go between my preamp and MHDT Orchid DAC, along with their classic (I think that is what they call it) digital coax between my BlueSound Node2 streamer and the Orchid. I couldn’t be happier. They are high quality interconnects at a steal of a price since they only sell direct (Roanoke, VA based as I recall). They also have excellent customer service. I’ve had many conversation with their CEO. He has always been very helpful. If I didn’t have SYMO speaker cables that were designed to Jason Blume’s spec I would also buy their speakers cables for my Apogee Acoustics Duetta Signature Series II magnetostatic speakers. When I last spoke to them they had just landed being named by Magnepan as there reference speaker cable partner. Again, I couldn’t be more happy and with zero hesitation whole-heartedly recommend them!
I have their Morpheus Reference from TT  to Phono Preamp and their Reference Classic II to my integrated. They were recommended by someone on this board. Very satisfied with the cables.  
I also have some Silnote cables. I tried the power cables they offer for $99.00, figured what the heck, I’ll take a chance. I was impressed upon arrival, packaged well and the cable itself was nicely put together and looks like it will last forever. The sound improvements were easily apparent in my system so I ended up buying three more power cords of various lengths and some interconnects. I’ve been very happy with them for a couple of years now and wouldn’t hesitate to buy more if needed. Guess I sound like a reviewer here, glowing over a product.
I have the Morpheus Reference Classic RCA phono cables and use them in one of my secondary systems between the phono stage and my headphone amp.  They are well made and sound better than Blue Jeans cables, but not as good or as quiet with MM carts as some of the other cables I have.
Thanks for sharing your experiences everyone.  Sounds like Silnote makes worthy cables.  I wish there was an easy way to know which cables will work best in your system.

@thirsty93 - Silnote is selling them for $199 - ad is on Audiogon, or go to the Silnote website

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I think Silnote is a great value and a great cable.  I have two 2m Orion M1 Master Reference power Cables available...as new.

Can anyone compare the sound quality and signature of the Silnote Morpheus II with Furutech alpha Fs22, Chord Shay, or Sensibility Audi Statement SE interconnects?