Ohm Speakers Status Update

Signs of life from a great American loudspeaker brand!






@tksteingraber Your 2000s have a tweeter attenuation switch? That used to be available only in the 5000s, IIRC. My 2000s are an early production pair, and lack any controls. When did you buy yours?

@bondmanp I bought mine used a several months ago and verified they are 2017-18 production.  The switch is on the internal crossover board.  You have to remove the speaker connector plate and pull it carefully out to access the switch.  Evan from Ohm verified it was available and how to set the switch since it’s only marked with a red dot at one of the settings.  Made a nice improvement not just the tweeter but overall too.

The attenuation switch seems like it would be a good selling point for ohm and should be described on their website and included in their manuals. 

@oldaudiophile, a parallel universe story.

My sister had a pair of Ohm bookshelf speakers (Cs or Ds) from her first marriage.  Her new husband had Bose 901s.  I helped install them in the rec room and living room respectively.  My brother-in-law didn't care about differences but my sister preferred listening to the Ohms.  I did too. but admittedly I'm not a Bose fan, having very briefly owned a pair myself.

Some years later she complained they no longer sounded good.  A quick investigation showed the woofer surrounds failed, so I helped get those re-foamed.  Now after she has owned them >40 years they still sound good.

Somehow I'm on the mailing list for Ohm and the announcement I received indicated the move from Brooklyn to Bridgeport.  It read like full operations there now.

Ohm informed me that they are close to finishing a showroom and listening room.

That is good news. Would be nice if another certain CT speaker builder would follow suite.