Network streamer that works with Android and Pandora

Omg all I want is a way to stream the usual things like Spotify, Tidal, my flac collection but ALSO Pandora. I know Sonos can do Pandora in their app but looking at alternatives that would get me the HD audio that comes through Master quality stuff in Tidal (eliminates Sonos). I use android and wife uses ios. She can use Airplay of course but id like to be able to occasionally control pandora from my android. Is something with chromecast built in my only option? What units have these - just the Cambridge and Uniti Atom? Basically I want a network streamer that can do high quality (higher than Sonos port for example) but also do Pandora and not over dumb Bluetooth. The Cambridge Audio CXN looks good but I'd loose the future ability to add a wireless speaker in the garage or something. HEOS and Sonos are attractive for that but then Sonos won't get me the master quality stuff in Tidal that I pay for. This is tough. 
Basically the requirements are:

1. Network steaming of Spotify, Tidal, HD files, and a non-Bluetooth Pandora option.
2. Wireless speaker technology if possible 
3. No amp - already have one - but if it did have an amp it needs to be large enough to power Ohm Walsh 4000s (150 watts maybe or more).

I'm sure what I'm looking for either doesn't exist or costs a million dollars. 
How about usb out from a Roku or Amazon fire box running the app?  That would do it.  
With a roku, wouldnt I need to have a screen in order to bring up pandora and stream it? The only screen I want involved would be our mobile devices. No TV planned. 
Search posts for Pandora. I always thought that Spotify radio was wider and less repeatative.
Thanks Melvinjames. The audiolab 6000n isn't something I've considered. Looks promising but those reviews for the Play-Fi app are not good. Anyone have first hand experience with Play-Fi in this capacity? 

I like the Roku idea if it means it opens up my network streamer choices but just add a Roku to it to get my Pandora radio. I like being able to use apps like Pandora natively and just use the little icon in it to choose to play to a discovered device. 
What you want is the iFi zen blue. It is a Bluetooth streaming device that can do hi res from any operating system. I use it to stream quobuz to my desk top system from my iPhone. I know you said no Bluetooth but this works great. 
Also if you do not want Bluetooth with iPhone you could buy the camera lighting adaptor and plug straight into the zen blue.
I have the Audiolab 6000N with DTS Play Fi
I use Qobus for music streaming and It's all controlled through my Samsung S10 smart phone.  The Audiolab 6000N also has a pretty good internal DAC  and Wi Fi It also won What Hi Fi streamer of the year award The cost is around $600 and for that amount of money it does a very good job! Keep in mind it has no display screen. It does have six programmable buttons. Because l control everything through my phone l don't see a need for a display.  As @melinjames mentioned, go to their website for more information as its supports the apps you mentioned plus many more
Another solid option is to have Wyred4Sound mod the sonos. The sound quality gets substantially better. Not as good as an Innuos Zenith MKII, for example, but honestly you have to sit and critically listen to hear the differences.
Sometimes you have to compromise to get something really good. Blue Node 2i. Or the Vault version that lets you store your CDs. $550 for the non vault. You would be giving up Pandora (the compromise) but you might be able to stream it from your phones iOS or Android. You can even get a remote to go with it. Plus, you can add more units or speakers to enjoy a multi room music system.
All great suggestions. Thanks everyone. It's correct that sometimes you have to compromise. I'm wondering if my compromise should be no wireless speakers in the garage/dining room and just run wires to those places. Lord knows that wires always work at least. Critical listening is done in the main room and not with Pandora, but we use Pandora constantly in the summer months with the outdoor speakers. I find it great for discovering new music and consistently playing good selections - unlike Spotify radio for example, which sure plays a lot of garbage IMO.

Last night I got into looking at Volumio on a RaspberryPi. Seems like I can stream anything to that with a DAC Hat on the Pi to provide a digital output to a real DAC and then to the stereo.

Or perhaps my compromise should be the "Master" quality tracks on Tidal, and just go with the Sonos Port. If the Volumio thing doesn't work out, I'm definitely going to have to do a compromise I think. Classic consumerism issue.
If you go Sonos Port I heard previous customers who have Sonos already can get 30% off direct through Sonos. If you have a small Hifi store that sells Sonos please throw them a bone. You still get 30% off and the store makes a few dollars. If you go with the Sonos Port send it to Wired4Sound for the upgrade.  Well worth the upgrade. You can always have different systems. I have Sonos connect with the W4S reclocker hooked up. It takes it from 44.1 kHz to 96 KHz. I am still going to get a Blue node so I can go High Rez content. You should hear the Blue Node hooked up to a really nice DAC. It’s amazing! But for $550 you can’t beat an all in one streamer/DAC. 
I had coffee this morning so that means I have new ideas. Perhaps my compromise is the Bluetooth. When I listen to Pandora I don't need top quality but it just can't sound like XM radio. I have no experience with aptX HD Bluetooth. I imagine it sounds just fine for background Pandora. I don't think my Galaxy Note 10+ does aptX HD though. But if I allow for Bluetooth in my scenario, then something with BluOS like the node 2i would work. I don't need to have the chromecast then and I'd still get multiroom wireless. Allowing for the higher quality Bluetooth pretty much opens up most of the network streamers as options. Compromise is hard. 
I have been experiencing it for 2 weeks, I am very satisfied with what it offers, besides I also connect
Why not just use Chromecast? It's integrated into the Pandora app, and my CXN shows up just fine. Functionality this should completely resolve your issue with any streamer using Chromecast. 
thank you i used Spotify. Music player is awesome. i usually share songs via whatsapp gb with everyone
What’s the deal with Pandora?  Bluesound lists every possible service except them
An update: I use Volumio on a Raspberrypi 4 and with Tidal Connect and Pandora I'm all set and loving it. I ditched Spotify. I feel less dirty. 
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Look at the Grace digital link. It has Pandora built in. It can also handle hi-res....up to a point. Also has Amazon Music and Iheart radio built in, and of course an infinite amount of internet radio stations. It is excellent for the $179 they are asking. Plus, it actually has a screen that shows the album art and info...this to me adds to the enjoyment of streaming. Now I don’t need my tablet or my phone nearby. It also has a remote...what more could you ask for @ a lousy $179!


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