Movin' up from Rega Planet 2000? What next?

I'm absolutely pleased with the Rega 2000 I have, but in a multi-piece deal in equipment I'm selling, the buyer may want the Rega too.
So... if it goes, what would be my next upgrade?

I love the sound of the Planet 2000. I had a tube modded player and wasn't all that impressed after hearing the Planet 2000. Someone suggested the Rega Jupiter. Anyone concur? I really do love what the Rega is doing, so I would be most curious of players that have similar sound characteristics.

Other options of players at the $1k mark used that would fare very well against the Jupiter? I'm not planning on using a dac.

(I may have very soon for sale here a pair of Eminent Technology LFT-8A speakers with Sound Anchor stands, and an Outlaw 755 (5x200wpc) amp)

My components will be:
PS Audio PCA-2 preamp
PS Audio HCA-2 amp
Chapman T-7 speakers (3 way boxes similar to Vandersteens)
Vandersteen 2W subs
Harmonic Technology pro 11 speaker cables/H. tech interconnects

Thanks for all input.
An Arcam FMJ CD 33 can be had used for around $1200, if you can stretch your budget just a little. Despite the fact it was recently overhyped on the cover of Stereophile, this actually is a great player for the money (new $2500). I highly recommend an audition if you have an Arcam dealer in your area.
Rega is about to release a new CD player which will be priced at around the same as the planet, but significantly outperform the jupiter .... so say my sources. There's a thread about it on

It has already received two rave reviews in French hifi magazines.

Since you like the planet it might be worth waiting a few months to see if the new Rega player is what you're looking for.
I heard a Tweaked out Rega yesterday vs. a Reimyo at 15,000 and in my opinion the Rega smoked it.

but a Wadia is better all around in my opinion.
I went from the Planet 2000 to the Jupiter 2000 and I'm completely satisfied with the upgrade. It is significantly better thean the Planet and I have not had upgrade-fever since. I highly recommend it. Be sure to replace the power cord with something like the Analysis Plus power cord or any similar quality cord and put the player on Black Diamond Racing cones or homemade zebrawood blocks.
Sean your link just took me to a blank page, try again if you don't mind.
Sorry about that. I double checked and the link is correct.

Go to

Select "Bancs d'essai" on the left

From the list of the reviews there are two near the bottom of the page "Rega Apollo"
I too upgraded from a Planet to a Jupiter about six months ago and feel it was worth the extra money to do so. The change in my system wasn't what I would call significant but there was a noticable change in the depth and overall size of the sound stage. There was also just a fuller sound overall.

The news about the new REGA Appollo cd player is interesting, but I'm not so sure I like what they presumably did with changing from a Sony drive unit to a Sanyo drive. I guess we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out the Jupiter.

Link to article -

From what I have been told the new laser pickup, controller and decoder chips gave Rega far better reading from the disk (lower jitter, wider eye pattern, lower error rates) and also a lower cost versus the Planet and Jupiter. I think the new drive may be computer CD-ROM derived, though I'm not sure. The computer industry gets rather high performance at very low cost, so it's only natural for hifi companies seeking bang for the buck to ditch audio-specific pickups and go to computer technology. Meridian have done this with their most recent CD players.
Wow! thanks for all the wonderful factoids! I was unaware Rega planned a new disc player. I'm definitely going to check out the Apollo!

I have been seriously considering upgrading to the Jupiter since I do love the Rega sound. It probably would be a safe upward move.

I have not had opportunity to hear much of the Wadia equipment, seeing as how there are no dealers in Milwaukee that I know of. No Arcam dealers either that I know of. I could always do the second hand market purchase and test it.
Ditto the other "planet 2000 --> jupiter 2000" recommendations. I have been completely at peace since doing the same, and yes, it's a big jump and well worth the incremental cost.
A quote from a UK hifi board (not me !)

"I've heard it!

It is a fantastic player and a massive improvement on the Planet. Now here's the good news. It will be the same price as the Planet, £498.00. I believe it will be with all Rega dealers by the end of November. The Jupiter replacement will be with us early next year."

So it might reach the US just in time for Christmas.

I took a long look at the Rega Planet and Jupiter earlier this year when I was hunting for a CD player. I ended up snagging a Naim CD5i. It has the forgiving nature of the Rega players with, to my ears, more transparency and drive.

At the price range of the Planet, two players stood out to me. First, the Jolida 100 was very smooth and warm at about the same price as the Rega. A surprise player for me was the CEC CD-3300. This player sounded a lot like the Rega Planet and included XLR outputs. This is a nifty player for the $600 price.

Good luck in your search.

As much as I admire the Rega design and build...when doing a home demo with the Planet...I selected the Denon 1560 ar cdp...very impressive player with an almost valve like presentation and great soundstaging...just my .02...