Mofi Sourcepoint 888?

Any OWNER feedback on these?

The bookshelves were a flavor of the month a few years ago.

Like everything else, the bookshelves are coming down in price. I see these 888’s as the next bargain in a couple of years?

MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 888 Floorstanding Speakers [Pair]

At $5K...just another nice speaker. When these are blown out at close to 1/2-WIN!

What’s with that color choice for the speaker grill on the walnut finish?

Are they the $10K sleeper?


They're almost cheap! I bet they're pretty good too, with those bass drivers freeing the concentric from bass duties.

I’ve seen great reports on these from shows (AXPONA etc) by Absolute Sound, Stereophile and others, saying they are another home run by Andrew Jones, and were some of the best speakers for the money at the recent shows. Reports say the bass in particular is excellent, and of course it has the concentric tweeter.

Makes me interested enough to audition them though no dealers in Seattle area have them yet, AFAIK.

"If he releases a 10-10-10 or a 12-12-10, i'll buy it. I like em big."


A 10/12 would get my attention.

I see these 888's being a killer deal in 3-4 years due to low sales.

Just like the AJ Elac Adante-dealers were blowing them out 1/2 price.