Modest cost DC power supply

So I had Feastrex re-build my NF5x field coil drivers.  They look beautiful and aside from a scuff or two on the back of the magnet, which were there before, appear like new.  Now I need a recommendation for a decent but affordable linear DC power supply.  The factory spec is 4.5v, +/- 0.5v.  Any suggestions?  I'm retired now, so I cannot spring for the Feastrex supplies that are over $1K.  

Get the Isreali one. Best bang for the buck. Quick fulfillment.  
Teddy Pardo.
Should have been more specific; looking for a variable PS.
Can you be more specific, fuzztone?
+1 for the Teddy Pardo unit. Well built. Quick turnaround. Great resale value. 
Check on alibaba: the Chinese make well made and regulated LPSs for about $100. Otherwise Kingrex from Taiwan is top notch
Yes Teddy Pardo! I have one on my RME-ADI FS DAC and it lowers the noise floor, improves dynamics. Great Company 
How much juice do they need?

If you can get by with around 2A or less, you could use lithium ion battery. They are significantly quieter than any power supply regardless of cost, have no ripple, are not effected by mains noise, and cost less than $100.

There are a number available on eBay and Amazon that output 5v. All you’ll need extra is an adapter from USB to whatever plug the NF5x uses.
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