Mcintosh MX 150 any one heard it yet?

I am interested in opinions on the MX 150. I recently listened to it and thought it sounded really nice. 12k is a lot for a prepro but i guess if it fits my needs then why no spend the bucks right? D2v and SSP 800 seem to be the closest competitors. The mac's room correction seems to the game winner, though. I wish there were a few more options in prepros that are solid analog preamps, good hdmi ssp's that have room correction. I'm not too needy in the department of video processing BTW.
I recently traded my MX135 in on a D2v and am quite pleased. Once I got the room correction done the surround sounds great. I don't use it for 2 channel I have it set up with an Audio Research LS-26 2 channel tube pre amp. I use the 2 front channels of the D2v and passs them thru to the LS26 using the processor pass thru. This works great and truley gives me a 2 channel system that can be run independantly of the HT system. The HT has to have the 2 channels to run but the combo works really good. The D2v is a different animal than McIntosh, as I have had many McIntosh pieces C39,MX130,MX132list price is 7500-7800 depending on dealer, Good Used LS-26's sell for about 3800 on average. Both add up to less than 12K and you will have better sounding 2 channel IMO.
Add to that the upgradeability of the D2v and you will get more years of use. The only caviate here is, I preface this with I am a McIntosh lover,is that I am quite certain that the Anthem will not be built as "brick outhouse" tough as the McIntosh. If you get the MX150 let us know how you like it. I may trade up with in the year as my dealer allows 100% trade up for 12 mos. and is a McIntosh dealer. Again it is hard not to see the green and blue glass in the cabinet. But once the movie starts....
Suprised that no one has responded either docrobbi. I guess at 12K maybe they aren't selling as well as McIntosh expected. Maybe you should re-post the thread.
While I'm sure this is a fine unit, it illustrates the problem a company like McIntosh has with a product like this. Things are evolving so fast that products can fall behind very quickly. Mac has historically been behind companies like Denon. Look how long it took for Mac to incorporate HDMI. The MX 150 is only HDMI 1.3 and, while I can't be sure, appears to have only one HDMI out.

If a company decides to wait and incorporate features that the market has already accepted/demanded, perhaps in a more refined product, it risks coming out with a product that lacks the next big "thing". In this case HDMI 1.4 and 3D capability. As good as the MX150 may be, $12,000 is a lot to risk when the competion is offering more features in a product at 20% of the price. Such as the Integra DHC 80.2. It it built as well or sound as good, perhaps not.

I feel that an expensive processor that doesn't have all the current features simply isn't going to sell.
Docrobbi, I do own the MX150 and purchased it a year ago from a local dealer. It has a Roomperfect (Mac's version of Audyssey room correction) but I've never used it. The MX150 alone sounds awesome and it had better be the price I paid. The 5 HDMI inputs DO NOT process the signal. They just act like switches, which I like since I prefer the source and projector do the video processing. I love everything about this preamp except that I wish Mac can upgrade the HDMI's to 1.4 for 3D playback. Now if you don't care for 3D, then you'd be 100% overjoyed!
"The 5 HDMI inputs DO NOT process the signal. " That, of course, applies to video processing only. HDMI audio is processed as needed.

Tacomafan, did you own any Mcintosh pre-pro's before the MX150 e.g. Mx135 Mx136 etc.? If so how would you compare the 2 channel sound to any of those?
I just wanted to correct Tacomafran - HDMI 1.3 supports 3D. The 1.4 revision added ethernet and audio return channel capability to the HDMI standard.
I have the D2v and love it. The vid chip is first rate. Sound is good and it has lots of flexablity. I have had it for about 7 months. Just recently I looked at the Mcintosh at a dealer and it looked and sounded great and I think it was the newest model (I am looking at buying a new amp). So I do not think you will make a major mistake with either product.
Be aware that unlike previous McIntosh pre pro's, MX150 digitizes every input, including analogue. So if you want your MX150 to act as pure analogue pre amp - it won't.