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Polk Audio LSi 15 - are these the REAL DEAL ???
Everything that has been said about these speakers here is true. Unfortunately for Polk, they never got the credit they deserve among the audiophile crowd. So while my Polk LSi 15 beat everything under the sun for 3x the price in my room, now that... 
Naim + Cardas
First time I hear that Cardas cables are bad for solid state amps. I use it in my mostly SS system to great results. Had Audioquest Kong Cobra and Rocket 88 and found a combination of Cardas Quadlink, Golden Reference and various flavors of Cardas... 
Dallas (Fort Worth) Audiophile Club - we meet every month or every other month
If you haven’t already done so, go visit SouthWest Audio Fest tomorrow! Show your support so that organizers bring it back next year! Lots of major high end brands are present and some are in very generously sized and well setup rooms. It will be ... 
what amps are you guys using for your for Dynaudio Confidence 20s?
You can’t say no one bought C2. I’ve seen someone using C2… as their surround speakers. 😆   
New In 2023
Interesting. All that comes up for me is this:    
New In 2023
Happy holidays! Great thread! I can’t find Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething (20th Anniversary SACD) December info anywhere. All I see is a 3lp set which might be interesting considering that supposedly original album was mixed in analogue.   
SabrinaX Sub-Crossover
@upstateaudiophile can you please share dimensions and room treatment setup in your listening room?    
VPI felt mat vs aftermarket
What do you mean by a proper VPI platter? My VPI has the standard Classic platter with the indent for the record label area around the spindle. Only indent is much deeper than thickness of a typical paper label, but more shallow than the rubber r... 
VPI felt mat vs aftermarket
Thanks everyone for your feedback, I'm going to try VPI felt mat to start. Worst case, I'll use it as a dust cover :) @tablejockey , I tried using VPIs stainless steel screw down clamp with rubber gasket, but I don't find it performing any better... 
VPI felt mat vs aftermarket
Thanks for all good advice. Worth noting that my VPI Classic Companion comes with gimbal tonearm so stability is not an issue as with their unipoint arms. I use HRX weight, not clamp, for ease of use. @drrsutliff never heard of this Origin Live m... 
The Mood Was Ruined
Sounds like Technics auto lift triggered sooner than this particular record ended. I believe Technics allows adjusting when auto lift is triggered.    Personally, I like the idea of auto lift feature very much. It saves those expensive cartridges... 
Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?
What isolation device do you recommend for speakers on carpet over suspended floor that allow for easy repositioning? I’ve looked at GAIA feet but am not crazy about prospect of having to stack them on top of the required carpet disks.   
Rega RP10 vs. VPI Classic Signature
Slaw, why not?  
Sota Eclipse packages for VPI tables.
Does anyone know if SOTA motor fits on the Classic Companion table?  
Audio Advice 2022 live
Thanks for sharing!