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McIntosh 150 or Classe 800 Processor
I have posted a similar thread about the MX150 and did not get much response. I do not think many people have heard the Mac yet. I have listened to both and they are both very nice sounding. I cannot really say which sound I prefer but the additio... 
D2v vs Classe ssp800, which would you prefer?
So far the consensus is go with the classe. I am leaning more towards the D2v one because of it's flexibility and features but also, because the dealer I would buy this from is great. I was hoping that a few D2 folks would chime in. I did take a g... 
D2v vs Classe ssp800, which would you prefer?
Funny you should mention cars, there was a fully loaded and customized hummer, the big one out front and a new BMW M3. They just did not get how to showcase their equipment. My friend knows the Classe rep and was going to give him a call to relate... 
D2v vs Classe ssp800, which would you prefer?
Well I went to listen to the ssp800 today and can still make no comments. The dealer insisted on streaming compressed music and movies via control4. I asked to listen to a plain old simple disc on the cdp300 he stated this is a "digital processor"... 
D2v vs Classe ssp800, which would you prefer?
I agree, but to play the devil's advocate, does arc level the playing field? For music I would think the Classe would prevail. But in a mixed system, ht and music would not arc be helpful. My room is not that problematic, but I hear arc is very il... 
Replace Primare SP31.7 w/ Cary Cinema 11?
I agree with Joe. I have heard both and actually liked the Primare a little better. There are a few reliability issues that have cropped up with the Cary and I am not sure their support is totally satisfactory. 
Cost effective way to absorb sound in a wall unit?
Auralex has plenty of products that will absorb sound and can be applied with glue. I did something similar to you and used foam panels that I got from parts express (not too expensive). It would probably be beneficial to keep the sub out of the c... 
Mcintosh MX 150 any one heard it yet?
still no one? 
Pair of JL Audio F110-Good Subs???
I have a pair of 112's. Love them! 
Signs of poor electricity in home...?
DC current can ride along on your ac lines and cause noise in the system. I had that problem. Channel islands audio makes an outlet that can eliminate this problem. 
Best setup for two subwoofers.
I can give you a more practical response. I did what you were asking. I used to run a RT 10d with a Rel sub. To me it was not sound I was looking for. I went with a pair of JL 112's which sound great. A pair of good subs really did it for me. My a... 
Help me spend some $$$$$
Oh the nostalgia of the RF83 and denon package! That was my version 2 home theater system (now at version 5). That system now resides hapily in my neighbors basement.. My only advise is to start somewhere, lay of the forums and hope there is a upg... 
New Parasound Gear News?
Sorry I don't have the answer for you and am actually wondering the same 
Very best 5 ch amp to feed a complete PSB system
I would have to agree with the NAD M25 as well. It is a great amp and a very good value. t 
Anthem D2 or D2V
D2V gives you decoding of lossless codecs via hdmi, also the arc is included which makes a significant sound difference in your room. The only other difference is the videoprocessor is different than earlier models i cannot say if there is much of...