Martin Logans and power cords

Not trying to start a power cord debate, just wondering if anyone tried upgrading the power cords in their Martin Logan speakers and heard a positive difference. Mine is the older Aeriusi model.
Hi kalali,
Like Erik was saying; you try a test on the inexpensive aspect; like Cullen Cable, Ice Age Cable and Signal Cable.
See if you can hear a definite improvement.

Personally, I use Cullen and Ice Age. Excellent quality, great prices and an unveiling of the overall sound. ( on my setup, of course), minus Martin Logans.
If you want to experiment, I suggest you do so inexpensively. If you don't hear a difference, then leave it all alone.

My current thinking on the subject is here:

But the short answer is, build your own or buy inexpensively and see what happens.

Common Kalai, is this a loaded question?
You know as well as I do the current draw from the mains is under 100mA for ESL's, the only time a power cord "upgrade" would make any difference maybe is if you had an ML model with inbuilt active woofer amps.
And if your worried about RF shielding the power cord, just get these and clamp them around the power cord you have.

Cheers George 
Yes - there is some upgraded performance to be had when using a well-shielded power cord, but you certainly don't need to go crazy as the diminishing return kicks in pretty early for this application.  I've had good luck with Shunyata Viper (older) power cords on M-L's.  Enjoy!