Luxman Taking a Different Direction

Luxman's parent company has decided to terminate the relationship with its current US distributor, On a Higher Note.  It will be interesting to see what they decide to do in terms pricing, distribution and promotion of the brand.  Clearly, they have their work cut out for them given the scattered past of this brand - especially in North America.

For those of you who don't know Philip O'Hanlon, the owner of On a Higher Note, he is an extremely "colorful" individual with a passion for music and high-fidelity equipment.  He represents many other lines so I am sure he is dealing with this quite well.  Nonetheless - he put 10 years into promoting Luxman in the states. 
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I bought luxman in 1977 2-b12 mono and c-12 no parts in usa and I said I will not buy that junk again I was right.
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@onhwy61 lol....well ditusa is a man of his principles.....a damn rare thing these days.  Too funny.  Anyways, I was always eyeing  Luxman, but it sure does seem to be "overpriced" and many other worthwhile alternatives exist.  Best.....
Cable Company has been a Luxman dealer for a while now. They're extremely honest and reputable. I would call them with any questions. If Luxman was sold, there's a chance Cable Company bought them. Its one of their biggest brands.
@sfall, it’s hard to say if Cable Company will become the distributor. The official word is that IAC (Luxman’s parent company) is taking over distribution themselves. An Upstate New York address is already listed on the Luxman website - apparently a residential address too!

I have owned may pieces of Luxman gear starting in the early 70's through last year.  With the exception of the production units during the 80's, I have found their products to be quite good.
I like the looks of their older gear, can't say much for the newer designs. Luxman has been owned by many companies over the years and at one time by Alpine. Lux made some of the best output transformers available once.
I owned a Luxman 505ux integrated and couldn't have been more pleased with the sound, features and build quality. Superb match with Harbeth speakers. 
I do not want to speak for him but would like to clear up a few misconceptions in this thread. You guys are correct On a Higher Note no longer represents Luxman in the US. Luxman America Inc. in Ballston Spa, NY is the new subsidiary of Luxman Japan and I could not be any happier that they are. Jeff Sigmund is the proprietor of the company and if you give him a call you will see why I am so happy about the change. Jeff is a great guy to work with and he will do right by the brand and it's dealer network which we are happy to be a part of.

Someone mentioned the new address is a residence...not sure where you saw that from but Luxman America Inc's address is  27 Kent Street, Suite 122, Ballston Spa, NY 12020 USA. Little google maps should show you that is incorrect. They have hundreds of pieces of gear in stock and ready for dealers in the warehouse. New website is coming but here is their facebook page :

Again, I do not work for Luxman nor do I want to speak for them but I think it is good that the AG community is informed. Their new products are exciting and I hope the best for them in the future.
hudsonvalleyhifi - I stand corrected regarding the address.  I relied on a quick BING search which suggested a residential address. 

Hopefully, the Luxman brand will live on in the US. 

I note that Luxman prices in Japan (home market) are about 50% lower than suggested prices in the US (under the former distributer).   

Surely the cost of importation and support of a dealer base is not equal to a 100% markup ?  

Or were prices set based upon market positioning ?

Luxman equipment would be an outrageous bargain if US pricing becomes closer to Japanese pricing.  But then it may not be perceived as a high end product in the US (and among reviewers).

Late to the party.. I own Luxman D-06 SACD player. Bought it from Philip. Has transformed my listening habits. Magnificent. As good or better sonics as previously owned Esoteric comparable model with much stronger and supported  'confident'  tray. Silent smooth open/close. Won't break down as soon or often as Esoteric. Fits wonderfully in a mid/upper 5 figure system. Sonic splendor. I am thankful for the provided contact info in this thread.
Yes, the D-06 is great unit. I owned a D-06U for a couple of years and I was very pleased with it.  Have since upgraded to an Esoteric K-01X.
My dealer is picking up Luxman again. He had long waits for product to arrive for his customers. Some up to 6 months. Also there will be a drop in price on some of the higher end products. This looks like a positive move. 
Prices needed to drop as the importer was not doing the brand any favors.  My selling dealer dropped the line due to frustrations associated with long wait times etc. Hopefully the new distributor will actually stock a good number of units.  
I recently purchased a Luxman L-507ux and don't know how I could be more pleased. I did not want the class A amps because I was afraid of the heat as I use my amp with my tv and entertainment system as well as with my turntable and CD player. So it is used for a few hours every day.
The amp just sounds better and better the more I use it and it works so well with my TV, OPPO-105 DVD/CD player,  Turntable cartridge set up and speakers. The better the source the better it sounds. 
I was previously using a YBA Passion which I really liked but this Luxman sounds better to me in many ways. (At first it did not. For the first few days I used it I thought I had made a big mistake.) Now that I think it is broken in it is cleaner, quieter, has deeper and better controlled bass, is more dynamic, and a clearer mid-range. Voices are easier to understand. I really like this integrated amp! I also like the features and believe they are intelligently incorporated. I hope Luxman thrives here in the US as I believe they have a really good product. Now the only thing I am thinking about upgrading is my phono cartridge but the one I got sounds pretty good so I'm just enjoying things the way they are. I don't have any affiliation with Luxman I am just a very happy owner. I did not expect this Integrated Amplifier to be this good. 
Associated equipment:
OPPO 105 DVD multi format player.
RPM turntable with SME 4.5i arm, Grado Signature Cartridge; Cardes Golden Cross Interconnect.
VMPS RM30 Series II speakers with all the latest upgrades.
Goertz speaker wire
Homemade Beldon cable interconnects.