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Silversmith Fidelium
My pair just arrived.  Super impressed and they play well with my CH Precision amp and Stenheim speakers.        
Convincing your local dealer to let you try speakers at home
I have long-standing relationships with two local dealers.  I can audition any speaker and any piece of gear at home. If the speakers are too large to fit in my car, the dealers will deliver them to me and set them up. I, of course, would have au... 
The DAVE is an excellent DAC.  I  owned it for over a year.     Keep your eyes peeled for a used one!        
Any owners here of Bowers & Wilkins 800 series D4 yet?
@thyname - I suffer from tinnitus and as much as I wanted to love my 803D3 speakers there were many instances when I just could not stand the higher frequencies. I also got rid of my KEF Balde 2s for the same reason. I happened to visit one of my ... 
Any owners here of Bowers & Wilkins 800 series D4 yet?
I just heard the 801D4 yesterday driven by Luxman separates. I was pleasantly surprised by how much better they sounded than the D3.  
Luxman D-10X Follow up
Congrats on the D-10X.  It is a great spinner.  I have owned mine for about a year.  Much different sound compared to the D-08u.  
Just received my new Luxman CL-1000 pre-amp.
James - congrats on the CL1000!Greg 
Luxman tonality
@builder3 - hope you are doing well.  Still loving the L-590AX? 
Luxman tonality
Not sure I would ever classify the Luxman sound as “sterile”.  I have never heard anyone ever describe it that way.  I currently own a bunch of current Luxman models, and I have always found the tonality to very neutral, accurate and ever so sligh... 
Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables
@jafant I still use TQ for my balanced interconnects and some of my power cords.   Hope you are doing well! 
New sheriff in town: Luxman D-10x
@jafant Accuphase has left the room.  Full Luxman now. Still running TQ for the most part.  
New sheriff in town: Luxman D-10x
I have had mine for a month.  Significant step up from the D-08u.  The DAC is so good that it replaced my Chord DAVE.   
Stenheim Alumine ?
After an exhaustive search to find a speaker I liked better than my Harbeth 40.2 Anniversary, I have decided on the Stenheim Alumine Three.  They check all the boxes for me.  Definitely worthy of an audition.  
New sheriff in town: Luxman D-10x
Alive and well.  Especially in Japan.  
Amp Pairing for Aerial Acoustics 6Ts.
If you want an excellent sounding Class D amp - Hattor.