Low noise, neutral, high current power cord for wall to power distributor

I am in the market for a power cord. It will be connected between the wall socket and my AC distributor. I have come across many discussion which say that this is the most critical power cord and the best should go here. At the moment I use a $200 entry level power cord and it is somewhat noisy/grainy. I would like to get a power cord in the range of $1200 (new or used) that would considerably lower the noise floor and sound neutral/effortless.
I am not in a state to experiment with new kids on the block so I would like to stick to the proven ones:

1. Shunyata Alpha HC (other models are welcome too)
2. Furutech Reference
3. Audio Magic Illusion liquid air,
4. Transparent PLMM2
5. Gigawatt LC-2

Kindly suggest.
It is impossible for us to make a recommendation. There are so many at this level, it will also be system dependent. I myself am thinking about it too, but under $1k. I am sure you have a few cords that you use with your equipment, you could experiment by placing all of them on your power distributor one by one.
There is also an opinion that the cord on the power distributor might be least important, it probably depends. 
For now I use Custom Power Cord Company Top Gun from the wall to PS Audio Premier regenerator. It was designed for fron end components but in some sense the regenerator is a fromt end component too. I also heard that some people had great success with Purist Audio Dominus. As for the total neutrality - it's an abstraction.
Inna- the PS Audio Premier is an AMPLIFIER, not a front end component, so getting an better, high current capable power cord is going to give you a high level of improvement in performance.  I would strongly consider the PS Audio PW-12 power cord for this as well as for Pani's application.  Good Luck!
Yeah, I know. I tried to put the Dominus on the PS Audio and the Top Gun on the amp and it was worse. I was thinking about PS Audio PW-12. Still, Top Gun works pretty good in my system, dynamics is good, better than with PS Audio Plus cord that I had on the regenerator before.
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Most of the amplifier manufacturers I deal with say to run their amps directly from the wall outlet. Perhaps you could try that before getting a new Power Cord. and assess the changes?
I also agree with Inna, so much of this is system dependent- Heck, even your electrical system will affect what you will hear.


Oyaide Tunami is an awesome PC. It is less money than what you have stated you want to spend. I haven't tried the Furutech model you have listed but suspect that one would be good as well. I'm running one of their cheaper priced ones to my preamp & am happy with it. That stated, that model (don't know what it is but it was in the same price range as the Oyaide tunami) is not as good IMHO as the Oyaide. I am using a Furutech phono interconnect & that is great. I would trust that company, not familiar with the others you have listed. 
I really like my Straight Wire Pro Thunder power cord, which you can view at this page:

I use it with my LampizatOr Lite 7 DAC, but it actually is designed to be optimal with power amps.  



I really like the Signal Cable MagicPower cables.  Great price and you can return it within 30 days for a personal trial...
I second the Signal Cable cords. I recently replaced all my much more expensive JPS cords with them. Three for amps preamp. Two for digital. Two on my Golden Ear Triton One speakers. Excellent resulting improvement. May try their Silver Resolution model in the future. Highly recommend you at least give these a try before spending more money. You may be pleasantly surprised how good these are.
Shunyata Alpha HC is a great choice but should come in well under your budget.  Also look at Audience AU24 SE...around $1K used.  Superb power cord.

As an update, I tried some Ansuz ceramic, DCCA supreme eminence power cords. Both sounded clean but Neither of them sounded honest. Dcca was dark and rich, Ansuz airy and thin. But the power cord that gets it right is Audio Note ISIS. It is just as quiet as the Ansuz but harmonically and Timbrally properly developed. Flow of music is just right. I like it more than all the other cords I have tried till date. No hifi gimmicks, just musically correct and neutral performance. Thanks everyone. 
It's quite incredible how different power cords can sound in the same and different systems.
At the highest level Purist Audio, Echole and Stage III cables and cords are worth trying, I heard. I only tried Purist and not the latest except the Neptune RCA. Nor did I ever try any Audio Note, so it's good to know.
The thing is, an Audio Note isis power cord costs just about $500. It was rather laughable how acceptable and in someways it actually sounded compared to a $12k Ansuz Diamond power cord and clearly beat the $5k Ansuz ceramic power cord. It is a very natural sounding PC. It uses pure copper wires and audio note silver plated AC connectors. It goes to show that for a power cord to sound clean and quiet, it is not a rocket science as some cable makers tout it to be
Maybe not. On the other hand, I heard that newest Purist top of the line 30th Anniv. power cord with built-in some kind of conditioner is spectacular. That opinion came from those who heard just about everything and had all previous best Purist cords before. 
Anyway, great power cord for $500 is an audiophile gift.
I do not suggest in any way the the AN isis is the best cord out there. It is just very suitable to this thread title "Low noise, neutral, high current power cord". It costs only $500 is something that grabs attention. Secondly it works equally well in all applications (source, preamp, amp and wall to distributor) without showing limitations in current delivery or changing the PRAT of the chain.

I connected the Ansuz diamond power cord back in the system and it definitely has a more see-through character but it "has" a character and that is transparent, spacious and a bit lean in the harmonics. The isis doesnt have a character that stands out.