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Upgrade DAC recommendation
I use a McIntosh MDA 1000 dac in my Mac system. It's an older model, but the best dac McIntosh ever made. Far superior to the dacs found in their current preamps ( I own a C48). Very analog sounding. They can be had for $3000-$3500,but they sell q... 
looking for a used 110 ohm aes/ebu digital cable under $1000,00
Kully, I champion the usage of the aes/ebu as the digital cable of choice.I believe they are superior to any coax version. ( Just my opinion of course). I've tried numerous ones from DH labs, Audioquest, Apogee, Canare just to name a few. Finally ... 
Warm/Forgiving AES/EBU digital cable less then $1000
mikey881 the cable is just called a Cardas Aes/Ebu and green in color. 
Warm/Forgiving AES/EBU digital cable less then $1000
Mike, I guarantee if I switched between my Kimber and Cardas cables you'd hear a distinct difference. Hoffman would as well. Not to be rude, but if you don't you guys must be deaf. 
Warm/Forgiving AES/EBU digital cable less then $1000
Yesterday I installed a Cardas aes / ebu and was amazed how good it sounds. Warm but not lacking in detail with a laid back perspective. It replaced a Kimber Orchid ( all silver) which I loved. The kimber was great with Golden Ear Triton 1's. But ... 
Angstrom 200 preamp
For those looking for one of these. Audio Connection Verona NJ ( John Rutan) has one for sale asking $299.00. Also didn't realize this piece was designed by guru Mike Moffat. 
Which balanced IC between pre amp and power amp?
I disagree with zkidd regarding Signal Cable being bright. I find their cables to be anything but. I use their balanced top of the line Silver Resolution model with Mcintosh. It replaced much more costly cables. I'm completely  satisfied with them... 
Recommendations for a new integrated amp for Vandersteen 3a speakers
Belles Aria series electronics. Ask Johnny B. at Audio Connection about them.                              Denman 
I'm sure my new Moon 780D can reveal more than what my DH Labs AES/EBU delivers it.
I use a the Kimber Orchid and it's my forever choice. Many excellent reviews / comments from various forums. My search is over. 
Digital room correction
How about a Copland DRC 205 if you can find one. Seems like a very simple solution. Altronics Stereo 2000 in Toronto carries it.           Denman 
Wadia 581 repair, please recommend.
As far as I know, George Meyer AV in LA is the only authorized Wadia repair dealer left in the US.  Steve Huntley with GNSC was great, but they are long  gone. Best of luck to you. I still use a Wadia 8 transport and it keeps chugging along some 2... 
Is AES/EBU the same as XLR?
Thought I'd chime in on this aes/ebu  discussion. I like others have tried cables from many mfg ( most of them the higher price point models) The hands down winner for me is the Kimber Orchid. It's not cheap, but for me the search is over. I have ... 
anyone audiophiles/audioholics in Buffalo NY
Gill,  I responded to you back in 2011. I'm still alive and kickin in the hobby.              Denman 
Any comments on AES/EBU XLR digital cable VS. BNC Cable
rodman- I have not tried a 1.5m Orchid because I couldn't afford one. As you know they are pricey no matter what the length. I bought mine used, also they don't come up for sale often. I contacted Kimber after my purchase only because I'd read art... 
Any comments on AES/EBU XLR digital cable VS. BNC Cable
Unlike rodman, I use a .5m Kimber Orchid from my Wadia 8 transport to a McIntosh MDA 1000 dac and it sounds fabulous. FWIW, I posed the question of cable length to Kimber. Their response was, it didn't matter. Well everyone hears what they hear I ...