Looking for input on CD players

I am looking to purchase a dedicated CD Player and am looking onto a Marantz Ruby SI or a Bryston BCD3. Looking for any feedback with owners of these. I do have a couple of SACD's, but this is not a necessity. I am currently running a Marantz 7007, modified, which is a universal player,Thank you! 
I own the Bryston DAC3, which is the DAC stage of the BCD3.  Never heard the Ruby, last Marantz I owned was the SACD 805. No experience with the other player.  The Bryston is a fantastic sounding DAC.  Perspective is mid concert hall.  It’s analytic enough without being hard and sterile .
  My Marantz experience is that they are great in the mid range but roll off the top end.  My speakers are kind of bright so that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  If I was you I would buy the Bryston DAC and use it with all your digital sources,but you know your needs so act accordingly.
Thanks, Mahler, I have heard good things about the Bryston. Hopefully I will get some other opinions.
Bryston has a long warranty period and a great reputation for customer support. 
Having owned the BCD-1 for many years and been very pleased with it (and with the excellent support from Mike and the crew at Bryston), I moved up to the BCD-3.  I like this new unit very much, but I don't love it.  It is very neutral, not ruthless or analytical or anything like that, but it doesn't add any warmth either.  Eventually I upgraded to the Luxman D-05u, and the '3 went to my second system, where it's perfect.  I suspect the Ruby is more like the Luxman in supplying just a hint of warmth--what some people call musical.  There's a new generation out, including a D-03x model.  If I were you, I'd try to look at all three carefully and think (ideally listen) about how your overall system is now and where you want to take it moving forward.