Linn Basic LVX or Rega RB300 ?

I recently bought an older Linn LP12. It has a Basic LVX arm.
Would it make sense to replace the arm with an RB300 arm from my Rega P3 which has not been in use for 25 years.
Just wanted to play some vinyl again so the reason for the Linn.
Alternately there are many arms to choose from and wonder if a Linn Ittok LVll might be a more suited choice.
Thanks to all who can help make an easier decision.
The RB300 would be a huge upgrade from the Basik. Rewire the Rega for even more fun.
Personnaly I would stay with a Linn arm. Linn has a way of working together with other Linn components. Also the Rega arm may pose some issues in spring tension setup. All just MHO of course.
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Well, I ran a rewired RB300 with a Cardas Heart on an LP12 Lingo for a number of years. The tensioning spring was removed during rewiring and the VTF was set with the counterweight. There was no problem whatsoever with setup or installation, or with day-to-day operation. My Linn dealer did not recommend using the Heart in the previous arm, an Akito, which I understand is a better arm than the Basik, indeed the best MC he would go for was an AT OC9. The Heart worked really well in the RB300.

I have pics of the setup if you like.
You'll probably need to get another armboard if you want to mount the Rega. Origin Live makes a pre-cut board. I don't think that the Rega arm is much heavier than the Basik, though you'll definitely have to check the Linn's spring adjustment and be careful with the cable dressing (I'll be fitting a Tecnoarm to my LP-12 later this week).

If your P-25 is still running, it might be nice to have two TT's working.....perhaps running a different cart on each? The Basik is not a bad arm at all - but as Viridian has already stated, a bit limited in the choice of suitable carts. A Dynavector 10x5 worked well with my Basik arm. I currently have a Clearaudio Virtuoso on it which is working very nicely.
I would sell the Rega and the Basik and get an Ittok. That's the arm you want on the LP12.
Thank you all for your responses.The local dealer also suggests to stay with the Linn arms. I wanted to make use of the RB300 with the wire upgrade.So I am going to go with Bgregory and sell the Rega and get an Ittok.
I also don't know much about differences in compliance and how that relates the arm so I'm glad not to have bought a MC cartridge with the possiblilty that it may not work. The Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood or the Dynavector 10x5 are on the short list for pick-ups.Although the current Grado Sonata works very well.
First though is the arm.
Cheers,Peter D
I have an RB300 on a Linn LP12. I have had many cartridge combinations on it with excellent results (Blackbird, Benz Glider).There are NO compatibility issues with the Lin LP12.

I have rewired the arm with a concomitant boost in sound quality. I also had a Linn Basik LV X. There is just no comparison. I am looking to unload the Basik LVX....
The Linn Basik LVX is a great sounding tonearm (and as a plus, has a detachable headshell). On my Linn Basik Turntable with a Shure VN5MR Cartridge, I acheived surprising synergy and sound that bested over half a dozen other turntable/cart combos including the Linn LP12, Oracle Alexandria, and a Rega Rp3 in my system. The sound was warmer than most with great soundstage, extention, and organic realism (to give a feel for what I mean, the sound was open, natural and warm with great soundstage, but not dull like a Grado cart might move the sound nor bright like an Ortofon cart or some Oracle turntables sound to me).

I liked the sound so much that I had a Cocobolo plinth built for the Linn Basik turntable and made sure to leave the wooden top alone as the steel topped Linn LP12 sounded just that, a little steely.
After selling 2 LP12's 4500.00 and 3500.00 I got the Rega RP3 with the RB 303 arm. Then I got a smoking deal on another LP12 with a Black Ittok LVII arm and rebuilt it with a custom plinth. The Rega was sold and is crap IMO with a cheap plinth and not very good build quality. The Rega will work and I didn't think I'd miss the more expensive Linns I sold due to price, but after a few albums I realized the Rega wasn't for me. Best of luck.