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Audio aero capitole mk2 need help repairing
No problems with my La Fontaine. Is there issues Ja ?For anyone who needs it I have a Chinfa power supply.Cheers, Peter 
Audio Aero Prestige new trans cannot read cd/sac
Georgemg,Well sorry about the service at AA.Yes they are the worst.But they will answer you eventually.As Davidsailor said ,it sure hurts to upgrade to the LaFontaine,but it is so nice it lessens the pain.Cheers,Peter 
Audio aero capitole mk2 need help repairing
Johnathan,I have a 'new' Chinfa KAM3005. I bought it for my Prestige which was doing the same thing as yours.I also traded up to a LaFontaine.If you cannot find one,let me know.Cheers. 
Emerald Physics 2.3 or Magnepan
Sammisra,You may want to post your approximate area.An Emerald Physics owner may offer a session.I'm one hour north of Detroit,Micheers. 
Emerald Physics 2.3 or Magnepan
I used to have Maggie 111A's 1989 to 1996,and 1.6 QR's til 2004.Thats the history.Was interested in the Ep's after hearing them at RMAF, so purchased CS2's in 2008.Moved on to the CS2.3' this year.Before I bought the 2.3's we made a trip to listen... 
Anybody heard LA SOURCE of Audio Aero?
I have a LaFontaine.Hooray! Took up the trade up offer.I've owned four Audio aero players and have admired the signature sound.I also enjoy the one box component with multiple inputs.The sound.Well,added about 500 hours since I got it in August.It... 
Audio Aero Players
I've owned all the above except the Capitole Ref. which is the best non SACD they have made.I liked them all just kept up with the newest versions.Still own a Prestige.I also traded up a Prestige to a "LaFontaine".Right out of the box a real nice ... 
Reference 3A Grand Veena vs Emerald Physics CS2.3
I know this thread is old but I'd like to add a little into the post from Arj.The "crossover is a bit eerie". Yes,you can alter the sound,even though we are conditioned to traditionally believe that its best left up to the engineers.The Behringer ... 
Audio Aero Prestige new trans cannot read cd/sac
David,Agree with your problamatic results 100% . Mine does the same word for word.I sorta live with it as it is a spontaneous event. Audio Aero cannot source any repair parts as those particular parts originated in China.I see that they offer a tr... 
mcintosh mcd-1100 vs ayon cd5s, audio aero cpdplay
I've not heard the MCD-500 and may well be more advanced based on year of production 2010-11.You've got to already like the Mac gear. The Prestige started production in 2007. The Prestige which I also own is a very nice piece and very musical.The ... 
Audio Aero Capitole MKII & Stillpoints anyone?
There is one amazing inert device that I use."Black Ravioli".Cheap and you'll never want to remove them.You'll just want to get more. 
Audio Aero Prestige Upsampling
Eryan,Yep I'm in the same boat.I have two.One Prestige works /other on doesn't.Until I can find something better.How does the Transport sound?I am wondering about a "Sound Science Diamond" Transport.Seems simple and doesn't require a computor.Anyo... 
Good Preamp for Emerald Physics 2.3
Rclassen,Thanks for reporting on the Orpheus from personal use.I figured it may be the way to go.Next major purchase.Peterd 
Good Preamp for Emerald Physics 2.3
I'm using an Audio Aero Prestige cdp with my CS2.3 and formally CS2.It is a great preamp and DAC.I'm hoping it works for a while cause its pricy even used.I'm wondering about anyone trying the Spatial Audio "Orpheus'DAC and thus eliminating the Be... 
Fusion Audio Romance series cables
Bob,Glad to see you took the acid test.Its always a risk buying expensive cables and having to resell them cause they don't work out when they are not a national brand.You name the brand I've owned them.I've had 11 years of swappping cables and am...