Linlai 12AU7 ????

So on a few sites, including Aliexpress, one can find these:

But if you visit Linlai own website, there's no sign of 12AU7's?

Anyone know what gives?  Are these authentic?  Did they stop making them?


Don't know about Linlai. But the Psvane ART series are fantastic. You should definetely give them a try IF you are not able to procure these Linlais.

all of a sudden, the tube guys are panicking about Russia and are going to resort to hoarding tubes.  There will always be plenty of tubes on the market, no need to panic and hoard as hoarding drives up the prices.  In the past couple of weeks, I have seen a huge increase in tube questions.  While my answer here doesn't pertain to the question asked, I just had to put this out there.

Before my inquiry, I have enough tubes to last 15 years,if not more. However I do see your point. There will always be tubes available. Aren’t there still tubes being sold from the 30’s,40’s? Panic buying will bring out the gougers. By the way,I have triple ply toilet paper available if anyone is interested??? 

I'm not asking because of the current situation.  I've just recently seen a lot of commentary on the Linlai 300B's, and it got me to wondering about other types of tubes that they might also manufacture.  While researching that question, I came across the apparently contradictory situation that I outlined in my OP.

The 12au7’s look very interesting.  @twoleftears, There isn’t much info,but they’re not horribly expensive.  Are you going to give them a try? 

Heed the warning on the Linlai website.

Linlai does not have any authorised dealers on AliExpress. The tubes I see for sale do not have the real Linlai logo on the glass. 

@twoleftears the tubes in your photo are fake. A real Linlai has a vertical logo on the glass.

That's the conclusion I came to.  On their site Linlai seem to implicitly endorse Psvane 12AU7's.