Legacy Audio Focus XD

Has anyone here had any experience with the powered speaker line from Legacy Audio, I am thinking of some day maybe finding a pair of the Legacy Audio Focus XD's to mate with my tubed amp. I don't see much about them anywhere. 



Good choice although the Legacy Focus SE (passive) is sensitive enough for SET use at moderate volumes.


Why would you buy powered speakers to use with a tube amp?  Do you mean tube preamp?


@stereo5  They can be "bi Amped" with a tube amp like how you are running your T refs. Interestingly enough I have the Triton 1.r's.

Much like a martin logan, powered woofer and amp driven highs and mids.  

the xds use an amp to power the subs you drive the resr or the speakerswith any amp you wish


the focus xd are fantastic loudspeakers and are extremelyhard to beat ro the price


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I understand now.  Are you getting rid of your Triton Ones R for the Legacy?  I wouldn’t mind trying Legacy speakers in my secondary system which has JBL L100 Classic speakers.  I would also like to try the Klipsch Cornwall 4 as well. I just noticed the Triton Reference speakers are up to $12,500.00 a pair.  Considering I paid 8K when they first came out, I have quite the bargain. 

@stereo5  That would be the plan. I am looking for more overall transparency, better layered sound staging with out sacrificing the outstanding bass I have. My amp has such a holographic soundstage and imagery  I want to hear it as much as I can affordably.

as a dealer we has had both the legacys are more transparent and throw a larger soundstage 



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Hard to see going wrong with Legacy given what you’re looking for.  Best of luck.